UPDATED: Just in case you didn't know, I was kidding about the gorilla! :)

Hi! What I want to know is WHY only TWO people have entered my caption that doll picture so far?! Also please click here to enter Nina's caption that doll picture! SERIOUSLY THOUGH!!! Do you guys hate CTDPs? Because seriously, what happened to all those comments on my Cyber Mondey post and my Please Comment post? It's like, you only comment when I tell you to. COMMENT ALL THE TIME!!! IT CAN BE A QUESTION OR WHATEVER I JUST WANT YOU TO READ MY POSTS AND COMMENT!!! >:( If you don't enter my Caption That Doll Picture a VERY EVIL GORILLA WITH SHARP TEETH WILL COME AND CHAIN YOU UP IN HIS CAVE AND SELL YOUR DOLLS ON EBAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I was going to enter it but couldn't find it so I decided to wait until you linked it or something :) Oh, and who is who in the pic? Sorry, I'm a new reader, so I don't know as much as the older ones... :)

    1. I commented back to you with who is who on it! :)

  2. Ok! Thanks! I'll check it out right away!

  3. Dollygirl, you had better stop threatening your readers with evil monsters and suchlike, or they'll be Scared Off. Remember they are buzzy people too. Love, Your Mother.

  4. I commented on you're CTDP.

  5. Thanks for posting a link to my blog!:)


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