What I Think of Kanani Akina!!!

Hey! Today I'm doing Kanani! Thanks so much to Amanda for requesting her!!! (Note: All pictures from AG Playthings)
From AG:
Kanani Akina loves welcoming visitors to her Hawaiian home. So when her cousin Rachel comes to stay, Kanani is excited. But Rachel never seems to feel at home. Can Kanani find a way to connect with her and share the aloha spirit?
I LOVE Kanani!!! I really hope to get her someday! I love her long lucious hair, her sandals, her beautiful dress, her necklace, and the flower in her hair! Kanani might just be my favorite GOTY!!!

I love her dog!!! I also love the camera, photos, travel brochure, sea animal guide, and tote bag!!!

This would be SO much fun to have!!! I especially love the life vest and sunscreen!!!

 I love this! I think Kanani looks so pretty with her hair up or down!!!
MUST.GET.KANANI.SOMEDAY!!!!!!!! JUST LOOK how gorgeous she is! I love her with that wreath and I just love the whole outfit!!!

I love her pajamas too! I especially love the top! The slippers look kind of strange though...

I LOVE THIS!!! I love everything about it! Especially the chair and diary!!! I actually want this for me, it just looks so comfy!!!

OH.MY.GOSH!!!!!!!!! I love this set SO MUCH!!! This would be so much fun! Maybe even more then Caroline's parlour or Lanie's trailer!!! It just has so many accessories!!!

I love the mini sunglasses and flip-flops!!! Also the t-shirt and capris are BEYOND CUTE!!!

AWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I have a copy of the AG magazine so I got to read the story where she saves the monk seal!!! If I had Kanani I would probably have to have the seal too!!!

 THIS IS SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The dress just looks SO GORGEOUS! So light, breezy, and Hawaiian! And the sandals are gorgeous too! And see what I mean about Kanani looking good in every hairstyle?!
I love the 'ukulele!!! And I love all the snacks and the woven basket!!! And it's so awesome that when you press a button the 'ukulele actually plays!!!

Overall Kanani gets a A+++++++!!! She is now my favorite GOTY and I just LOVE her!!!

Next up: Kailey!


  1. Oh my goodness! Thanks so much!!! I love Kanani! She's beautiful! I do have to complain about her hair. Her curls come out after about 5 brushings, and if you re-curl it it just isn't the same. Not to mention her hair get's TANG-LED! Lol ;) But yeah she's really pretty! I don't have anything from her collection, as every doll I have, but that's ok. I'm just super thankful for an AG doll!!!

    1. Your welcome! I really hope someday I can find Kanani on eBay for an under $50 price!

  2. I love her outfits and accessories. They are adorable! Could you do Molly? Thanks ~Madz

    1. Me too! Actually, I already did Molly! She was so much fun!

  3. I wish I had got Kanani! I'm so mad at myself!

    1. LOL, I actually didn't like her until she was gone! I'm so mad at myself too!


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