Beforever Rant

Hey!! I know you guys probably weren't expecting to hear from me for a while, but I had to post...my AG catalog just came in the mail.
What is up with Beforever???!!!
I mean seriously, they made the historicals all baby faced with bright cheery colors, and they're completely disrespecting their stories. SAMANTHA DOES NOT WEAR PINK!!!
But the funny thing is, the My American Girls look older. Like I'm talking 13 here. They look like they have perfectly styled hair, are wearing makeup and have designer super trendy clothes. Isabelle (I count her in withs the MAGs because she's from this time) even has a makeup set.
The historicals look like 8 year olds. It's disgusting. Like sure, they've got some cute pieces. I love Sam's holiday set, but the meet outfits look like something a 7yr old would wear. They don't look historically accurate, and they aren't following the books at all.
The historicals were always my favorite part, but now...the MAGs have seriously over-run them. The MAGs look more like me. They still have a bit of a baby face, but overall with the trendy clothes, perfect hair, etc. they come off looking 12-13ish.
Why are you doing this to us AG? What happened to "letting your inner star shine"? I gotta admit, I always hated that slogan but it had a point Don't be like everyone else. Now they've got these uber trendy perfect dolls that channel Barbie, and these baby-faced color-dipped dolls that channel Baby Alive. The new historicals look almost like Bitty Twins to me. I'm so disappointed AG.
And of course, AG still has their insane prices. Some things never change *sigh*
There had better be a good GOTY to make up for this....Beforever was NOT a good idea.

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New Blog

Hey guys! So, I don't really have much to post about on here. I'm kinda out of ideas. I will post if I do think of something, but for now, I have a new blog!!! It's called The Fashion Cheetah and it's where I post about fashion, hair, nails, etc. I would really appreciate if you visited it, commented and maybe followed :) click here to go to it: The Fashion Cheetah
It's probably going to kind of turn into my main blog...I have more to say about fashion then dolls. I'm sorry guys...I know you liked my posts, but I'll still post now and then, just not as much. If you want to hear about me and my life then please go to The Fashion Cheetah , and my dolls will always be special to me. They'll always have a place in my heart. I just like fashion a bit more now. Well, please check The Fashion Cheetah out...see you there!



I'M BACK!!!!!

Hey!!! So sorry I haven't posted since...um...June...but I'm back now, with some exciting news. I've decided that I've kind of outgrown the screen name "Dollygirl" and the blog name "Dollygirl's Treasures". So I talked to my parents and they agreed to let me share my real name on here! :D So, meet me...............LYDIA! Yeah, my name is Lydia, I'm a 5'6 brunette with blue-green-gray-brown eyes and a love of dolls...nice to meet you! Sooooo of course this means I'm changing my blog name..I've got a couple vague ideas but I'd love to hear some suggestions from you! So please comment down below with some blog name ideas! TTYL! :)



AG Trip (Part One)!!!

Hello!!! As most of you probably know I went to the new American Girl Store-In-Store boutique at Yorkdale Mall (Toronto, Canada)! And I took photos! :)Sorry I took so long to post this. So this post will be photos of the store, and Part Two will have photos of the things I got! So, on to the photos! :D Oh, and by the way, I'm super sorry about the quality of most of the pictures! The lighting there was pink, so that made very terrible pics! And some of these are blurry, because I was so excited my hands were shaking xD

My dolls in the car!

The parking lot at Yorkdale Mall!


That's me! xD

And me again, with the My American Girls!!!

(Sorry this is so blurry) The overview of the center and right side of the store.

The awesome gymnastics set! I am thinking I might save up for it! :)

I love that bike! I wanted to just scoop it up and run away with it xD

The baseball set is cute.

I think the horses look a little fake, but they are still pretty cute. Why is that doll wearing shorts with leggings? Ugh!

I almost had a cute attack here, the breakfast set was so realistic! :)

Isabelle's studio was AMAZING. I was blown away by the awesomeness and quality!

They had a really nice Izzy setup.

She was adorable! I didn't end up getting her though, I found a doll I liked better :)

The book display.

The store was small, but it was definitely worth going to!

The earrings, glasses, and hairbrushes.

This was the salon. The staff were very friendly and seemed to be very happy working there.

Some more dolls, and the spa setups.

I loved this setup :)

Isabelle was gorgeous...I definitely want to get her in the future.

The underwear set up xD

And the Bitty Babies. I honestly would have rather had no babies and the historicals. I noticed that no one was buying the babies, and the little girls who were in the Bitty age range were going "No mommy, I don't want a baby, I want an ISABELLE!!!" 

More books.

More of gorgeous Izzy :D

The Valentines set. I didn't like it.

I really wanted that science lab set, but it was $45.

The sunglasses were cute, but overpriced.


The gymnastics set again, cause I love it so xD

And here is me, holding my new doll Evelyn Louisa W___ (my last name) up in front of the sign! Eva for short. Can anyone guess what number she is?

I had an incredible time there, and I would go again in a heartbeat. I hope they open more of these, and eventually full size stores! I love my new doll, and all the stuff I got (which I will show to you in a later post)! Please don't call me spoiled. I paid for everything with my own money that I earned by house sitting for my neighbor. I even paid for gas to drive there and back, and bought my parents a coffee. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll post what I got soon. Thanks for reading! :D

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I'm Going to AG!!!

Hey guys!!! Just a quick post to tell you that on Tuesday I'll be going to the new Yorkdale Toronto AG Store to get Isabelle!!! I'm so excited! So, please comment down below if there's anything you want me to take pictures of! :)

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