New Blog

Hey guys! So, I don't really have much to post about on here. I'm kinda out of ideas. I will post if I do think of something, but for now, I have a new blog!!! It's called The Fashion Cheetah and it's where I post about fashion, hair, nails, etc. I would really appreciate if you visited it, commented and maybe followed :) click here to go to it: The Fashion Cheetah
It's probably going to kind of turn into my main blog...I have more to say about fashion then dolls. I'm sorry guys...I know you liked my posts, but I'll still post now and then, just not as much. If you want to hear about me and my life then please go to The Fashion Cheetah , and my dolls will always be special to me. They'll always have a place in my heart. I just like fashion a bit more now. Well, please check The Fashion Cheetah out...see you there!



I'M BACK!!!!!

Hey!!! So sorry I haven't posted since...um...June...but I'm back now, with some exciting news. I've decided that I've kind of outgrown the screen name "Dollygirl" and the blog name "Dollygirl's Treasures". So I talked to my parents and they agreed to let me share my real name on here! :D So, meet me...............LYDIA! Yeah, my name is Lydia, I'm a 5'6 brunette with blue-green-gray-brown eyes and a love of dolls...nice to meet you! Sooooo of course this means I'm changing my blog name..I've got a couple vague ideas but I'd love to hear some suggestions from you! So please comment down below with some blog name ideas! TTYL! :)