What I Think Of Isabelle Palmer!!!

Hey! So today I thought I'd do a post on Isabelle's collection! I have a fun surprise for you if you read to the end, too! All photos belong to American Girl. All thoughts belong to me. The post series WITO (What I Think Of) idea belongs to me. Please do not take it. Any form of copying this post series will make me sad :(

Here is the lovely Isabelle! I really like her! However, I don't like her shoes (they're OK, but they just don't scream to me), or the fact that her hair piece is apparently hard to put in. I do like her hair piece, but I don't think it should make the price an extra $10! I mean, seriously AG, you're basically just making a normal doll, only you're ripping part of her hair out and dying it a different color. And attach mini hook things. How much extra does that really cost you? $1? I am happy that she has hazel eyes though, as I LOVE hazel eyes!

These are nice, but definitely not worth $30! It's just a couple piece of cardboard, a dollar store hair clip, a plain black jacket with her name on it, a small, sparkly gold purse, and some fingerless gloves that you could make on your own! Cute, and fun to play with, but not worth $30!

This ballet case just makes me mad every time I see it! AG is charging a whopping $44 for a dance case, a few hair accessories, stickers, and ballet slippers? CRAZY! I think it was also extremely unfair for AG to only put ballet shoes in this, her dance barre set, and her performance outfit! You have to spend roughly either $38, $44, or $65 to get a pair of ballet slippers! It's absolutely horrible! And this case would be so simple to make! All you need to do is take a small, round purse, glue a few dance pictures on it, make a few headbands, buy some dollar store hair accessories, make a doll-sized sock bun donut from a toddler sock (it would make just as nice a bun as that bun maker tool), and get some cheap doll ballet slippers from a place like Springfield!

This studio is amazing! I love the mini sewing machine and all the accessories! I think it is overpriced, but it would be worth it if you were obsessed with sewing! However, I'm sure you could make your own!

This barre is cute, but you could make your own so easily! I do like the water bottle and ballet shoes though!

This is nice, but I think it has too many pieces!!! That strange cuff could go, and the flower on her unitard could go as well, and I think her skirt should look more like a tutu. Also her ballet slippers should be black instead of gray.

This is really pretty, but I think that the leggings should be coral, and the shoes white/cream. I still really like it like this, though!

This does not look like pajamas! The shirt would be uncomfortable with all of those sequins, and the pants are a little strange looking, but I am so happy that they didn't use sandals for slippers! It's such a nice change! I was kind of hoping for something like bunny slippers though! :)

Tutu is cute, but I want something like a owl, pig, or a mouse! I wish they would stop it with constant dogs and cats! Tutu also looks slightly like a Barbie cat too!

Here is one of her mix and match combinations. I think that this has a few too many pieces, but it's OK.

NOOOOOO! Not coral legwarmers with pink tights! LOL, I can't stand the legwarmers in this outfit, but I like the rest of it!

This is absolutely adorable!!! This is my favorite combination!! I have no complaints about it!

Um...no! Too many different kinds of pink! Make it stop!!!

NO. Just NO. That practice top is so ugly!

This is really cute! It's my second favorite! I think Izzy looks really adorable in this!

Something about this makes her look kind of fat...or is it just me? I don't really like this one.

These colors clash too much! It's like the leggings are eating the leotard with their bright color!

That bow is slightly strange, but I am interested in finding out if it's removable! It is a cute color though.

LOVE THIS! Who doesn't? It's just SOOOOOOOOO cute!!!!

I think it was smart of AG to give Isabelle a set like this. I would buy this! It's really cute! I'm really glad that Isabelle's collection has a mix of colors like coral, purple, and different shades of pink!

This is cute, but I'm not a big fan of the pattern that the gold ribbon is in.

Love this! I'm thinking of buying it!!!

Meh, this is OK, but I think it's a little plain.

So purple and sparkly...so ME! I adore this! I generally love purple sparkly things, but this is extra cute!

This is nice! I'm glad they gave Izzy one of these! I love these. :)

YES!!! I love these!!! So awesome!!! I would buy these!

So cute! I'm glad AG made an extra tutu, so you don't have to buy the performance set to get one. Now if they could only do the same thing with ballet slippers...

Ugh, this is horrendous...just NO!

I had a lot of fun doing this WITO, and I am happy to give Isabelle an...A-! She gets a minus because some of her clothes were a little strange (like the practice top, above), and also the whole ballet shoe thing, but Izzy is just so pretty that she makes up for it! So now for the surprise.................................................................I'm getting Isabelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to the AG Canada store when it opens in the spring and getting her!!!!!!! I'm also going to get her ears pierced at the salon there! And get a couple of items from her collection, and her other books. Any suggestions of what to get? Just so you know, I am definitely not going over $200! I currently have $72 saved up, and the people across the street went on vacation and hired me to shovel snow for them and collect their mail, so that will be paying for most of it, and I've got some Christmas money left. I'm so excited! :D

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Updates (And a Giveaway)!!!

Hi guys!!! So things might be a bit quiet for a while because an amazing lady gave me a gigantic box of fabric so I'm going to definitely be doing a LOT of sewing!!! But I will post pictures when I'm done! But in the meantime, enter this awesome giveaway by clicking here. Have an amazing day! (By the way, thanks so much for 70 followers! It means so much to me!)

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Doll Makeover!!!

Hey! As I told you guys in an earlier post, I rescued a doll from the thrift store, and gave her a makeover! Here's the before and after photos, and a little bit about how a restored her. Just so you know, she is a vintage doll from the 80s, named Blair (but I'm renaming her). She's from a brand called Always Sisters, and you could also buy some little sister dolls for her.

This is Blair. Her hair is a tangled mess, she's missing her shoes, and she looks like she just hopped out of the 80s.

Her face. It has several scuff marks, scratches, and plenty of dirt. She's also wearing some CRAZY big earrings! 

A view of the necklace she came with. It shows her and her sisters on the front. You can also see her belt, which I think I'll give to Crissy.

She has very cute pink nails, which I love, but they're a bit chipped.

Another view of her. She has a slightly sour expression.

This is everything that I found on her:
Electric blue tights
Worn out purple tunic sweater
Purple hairbow

So here is the finished result!

The dirt came off of her face nicely, and it turns out that without the bangs she look a bit happier! 

Her hair. I brushed it, misted it, brushed it, misted over and over until all of the tangles came out.

As you can see here, I just swept back her bangs with a headband.

A unique thing about her is that she is completely plastic with a complete cloth body. Only her hands and head are plastic! Another interesting thing is that she fits Maplelea shoes! Here she is wearing the pink pair from the set Shimmery Shoes.

I made her a new outfit out of some purple stretchy fabric I had. Since she is 21 inches, she fits Karito Kid patterns, so I made the shirt out of a Liberty Jane Karito Kid t-shirt pattern that you can find here. I just sewed the skirt randomly.

I removed the earrings, which I think made a big improvement! 

Here are her pretty eyes. They are purple with small white dots on each side. She is also wearing pink eye shadow.

Another overview of her! I think she turned out great!

Her joints are amazing!

She is a lot of fun to play with!

She has extremely long legs.

I won her headband in a giveaway sponsored by That's Lolli!

She is now waving goodbye to all her fans at Dollygirl's Treasures!

I hope you liked this post, but now listen closely. She needs a name! Please comment down below with some name suggestions! PLEASE!!! :) 
Also, just so you know, I got another doll from Sears (she was on sale for $8.99) who is going to be my geeky doll who is obsessed with Lord of The Rings, so look out for a post on that! Bye! Make sure to comment a name!!!

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