Meet The Dolls

Name: Crystal
Nickname: None
Age: 11 (12 in July)
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite activities: Parties, spending time with Dollygirl, crafting, and painting
Favorite books: Meet Molly, Meet Kit, all Little House books, and any craft books
Favorite movies: Any American Girl movies, Barbie movies, and The Year Without A Santa Claus
Favorite actress: Abigail Breslin
Favorite actor: None
Favorite TV show: None (I like movies)
Favorite animal: I love every animal I see!
Favorite singer/band: Owl City
Favorite song: The Real World
Favorite food: Grilled cheese and Mars bars
Favorite drink: Peach juice
Dream: For my paintings and crafts to be loved
Prized possession: My dog, my paints, and my iPod Touch
Crystal was my first doll! I got her from a yard sale a long time ago for $2 and she was like brand new because some grandparents had given two little boys a doll (?) and they didn't want it!!!

Name: Crissy
Nickname: None
Age: 13 (14 on Christmas Eve)
Favorite color: Green
Favorite activities: Doodling, watching TV, seeing friends, going on trips with Dollygirl
Favorite books: All the Julie books, Wonder Woman comics, all Nancy Drews
Favorite movies: The Aristocats or The Phantom Tollbooth
Favorite actress: Pamela Sue Martin (from Nancy Drew)
Favorite actor: Shaun Cassidy (from The Hardy Boys)
Favorite TV show: Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, and Bionic Woman
Favorite animal: Baby kittens or dogs
Favorite singer/band: Abba
Favorite song: Dancing Queen
Favorite food: Popcorn , liquorice, and Jolly Ranchers
Favorite drink: Rootbeer floats
Dream: Opening a fashion line for all kinds of dolls and their pets
Prized possession: Her dog, her sketchpad, records, and record player
Crissy was my second doll! I got her for Christmas 2009!!!

Name: Abigail Grace
Nickname: Abby (always called Abby)
Age: 12 (13 in March)
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite activities: Being with Dollygirl, swimming, anything outside
Favorite books: Nim's Island and Nim By The Sea
Favorite movies: Molly An American Girl On The Home Front, Nim's Island, and Hotel For Dogs
Favorite actress: Emma Roberts
Favorite actor: Cooper (the bulldog in Hotel For Dogs)
Favorite TV show: I Dream Of Jeannie and The Flintstones
Favorite animal: Dogs
Favorite singer/band: None (I'm not into music)
Favorite song: None
Favorite food: Hot dogs
 Favorite drink: Any kind of Kool-Aid
Dream: Not sure yet, maybe participating in the Olympics and being a fashion designer
Prized possession: Her dog, her necklace, her basketball, her soccer ball, her toys, and her iPhone
Abby was my third doll! I bought her sometime in March 2012!!!

Name: Margaret Mildred Kittredge
Nickname: Kit (always called Kit)
Age: 13 (12 on May 19th) 
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite activities: Writing, photography, playing outside, being with friends.
Favorite books: The Adventures Of Robin Hood
Favorite movies: Kit Kittredge.
Favorite actress: Abigail Breslin
Favorite actor: Chris O'Donnell
Favorite TV show: None
Favorite animal: Dogs
Favorite singer/band: None
Favorite song: None
Favorite food: Turkey
 Favorite drink: Lemonade
Dream: To be a star reporter!
Prized possession: Her pencils, books, and stuffed animals!
Kit is my fourth doll! I got her Christmas 2012 from my parents!

Name: Samantha Mary Parkington
Nickname: Sam
Age: 13 (14 on May 26)
Favorite color: Light pink
Favorite activities: Reading, playing dolls, croquet, and tennis
Favorite books: For My Friend, The Wizard of Oz
Favorite movies: I don't watch movies.
Favorite actress: Anna-Sophia Rob 
Favorite actor: Jordan Bridges
Favorite TV show: I don't watch television. Grandmary would have never approved.
Favorite animal: I like horses, but dogs are nice too.
Favorite singer/band: I like classical music.
Favorite song: I like Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake.
Favorite food: Gingerbread.
 Favorite drink: Tea.
Dream: I want to help poor children.
Prized possession: My Madame Alexander Wizard of Oz Dorothy doll!
I got Samantha from my grandpa as a birthday present in May 2013!

Name: Taryn Elsbeth Brady
Nickname: None
Age: 13 (14 on October 21st)
Favorite color: Green
Favorite activities: Recycling, hiking, camping.
Favorite books: It's Hard to Say Goodbye
Favorite movies: Nancy Drew
Favorite actress:  Selena Gomez
Favorite actor: None
Favorite TV show: Victorious
Favorite animal: Dog
Favorite singer/band: None
Favorite song: Break It Down (from the McKenna movie)
Favorite food: Roasted marshmallows!
 Favorite drink: Raspberry juice
Dream: For the world to be clean!
Prized possession: My bedding set and my copy of The Hobbit.


  1. Hi Crissy!

    Sounds like you and I would be good friends. I love David Cassidy too, but he's from the Partridge Family. My mom says Parker Stevenson stars w/ Shaun Cassidy in the Hardy Boys. I've never seen that show. My heart belongs to David!

    1. Hi Julie!
      Thanks so much for telling me! I've only seen the Partridge Family but human saw the Hardy Boys and she tells me now that she remembers only seeing Shaun in the Hardy Boys! Thanks for telling me, I'll fix it now!

  2. Awesome dolls! :)

  3. Kit has the same birthday as my little brother!

  4. What types of dolls are Crystal and Crissy?

    1. Crystal is a Cititoy doll, I got her from a yard sale, I don't know anything about them. Crissy is an Look-Around Crissy doll from Ideal, you can find out more about them here:

  5. You'll have to put Taryn on here now!

  6. sorry I haven't been on here forever!!! When did u get Sam? Congrats!

    1. It's ok! I missed you though! I got her as a birthday present from my grandpa in May! Thanks! :)

  7. I really wanted Samantha, but she's retired.:(

    1. Yeah, I got mine off of eBay! You should check there!

  8. Awesome! Crissy's birthday is amazing!

    Dolllover <3


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