Interview With Janna-Mandy!!!

Hey! Today I'm doing an interview with.......Janna-Mandy from American Girl Reviews!

Dollygirl: How many AG dolls do you have and which ones?
Janna-Mandy: I have two. I have Addy and MAG #33.

Dollygirl: What is the next AG you want to get?
Janna-Mandy: Molly, MAG #44, Rebecca, Saige, Ivy, Ruthie

Dollygirl: Do you like any other dolls?
Janna-Mandy: Yes!!! I like Caroline and C├ęcile.

Dollygirl: Do you have any non AG 18 inch dolls?
Janna-Mandy: No. I used to have two old Tolly Tots but I gave them away. Still regretting that.

Dollygirl: Besides AG, what's your favorite doll brand?
Janna-Mandy: Springfield Collection or Our Generation.

Dollygirl: What do you like to see most on blogs?
Janna-Mandy: I love reviews and photostories.

Dollygirl: What inspired you to start your blog?
Janna-Mandy: The American Girl Fan website!!!

Dollygirl: What's your advice for people just starting a blog?
Janna-Mandy: Be you. If you aren't happy, neither will your readers be happy.

Dollygirl: What is one word you'd use to describe AG?
Janna-Mandy: Can I use 2? Pricy and epic.

Dollygirl: Do you find AG affordable?
Janna-Mandy: No!

Dollygirl: Who do you think is the best doll AG has ever released?
Janna-Mandy: Mia. She was the first doll I fell in love with.

Dollygirl: Do you recommend your dolls?
Janna-Mandy: Yes! Maybe not for younger kids, though.

Dollygirl: If you saw an AG doll at a thrift store or Goodwill, what would you do?
Janna-Mandy: Scream and run and get it.

Dollygirl: Do you enjoy blogging?
Janna-Mandy: Yep!!!

Dollygirl: What is your favorite thing to do with your dolls?
Janna-Mandy: Hair!!!

Thanks so much Janna-Mandy!!! Please everyone go check out her blog here!!! It's really awesome!


What I Think Of Sonali and Gwen!!!

Hi! Today I'm doing Sonali and Gwen! Look below for a WITO on Chrissa!

Gwen is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!!!!!!! I love her cute white and pink dress, her sandals, and her face and hair! I love Gwen, but as she looks a lot like Julie, I probably won't be getting her! Because I really want Julie!!!

I actually like Sonali a bit better then Gwen! I LOVE her dark brown waves and her pretty face! And her meet outfit is sooooo cute!!!!! That book looks like a lot of fun, Sonali is probably on the list of dolls I want!!!

Overall I give Gwen a A-, only because she's a bit un-original, and Sonali an A+!
Next up: Saige!

What I Think Of Chrissa Maxwell!!!

Thanks to NatKaya, Nina, and Toygirl02 for suggesting Chrissa! (Note: All pictures from AG Playthings!)
From AG:

Chrissa Maxwell is American Girl’s 2009 Girl of the Year. Chrissa Maxwell and her family have just moved to live with her grandmother, Nana. When Chrissa starts at her new school, she is greeted with icy silence by the "Mean Bees." But with her new friends Sonali and Gwen, Chrissa learns to speak out against bullying.

I LOVE CHRISSA! She actually looks A LOT like me! I'd definitely like to get Chrissa sometime!!! 

AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! STARBURST IS SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want him!

I LOVE THIS!!! Chrissa looks so pretty in this!!! I would definitely want this if I had Chrissa!

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Except that watermelon looks a little fake xD

OMG!!!!!!!! It's a PINK picnic table!!!!!!!!! This is soooooooo cute!!!!!!! :)

I ADORE THIS!!!!!! I really, really want it! I take swimming class every Monday night and I am loving it! This would be so much fun! Definitely going to look for it on eBay!

I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want it a lot! And that little IM-Me is soooooo cute!!!!!!

I like this, but I don't think it really looks like pajamas! It's really cute though!

OH.MY.GOSH. IT'S A SEWING MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT HAS GOT TO BE THE CUTEST PIECE IN CHRISSA'S COLLECTION!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the sewing machine, table, bowl, knitting needles, yarn, sketch book, spools of thread, pincushion, tape measure, caddy, scissors, and pencils!!!!!!!!! 

This is soooooo cute!!! I love the detail! It's so realistic! I would definitely like to have this someday!!!

I LOVE snow tubes!!!!!! This set would be so much fun!!! And those snowshoes are adorable! She would look so cute in the hat and mittens!

Overall Chrissa definitely gets an A+! I love her collection and would like to get her someday, she looks so much like me it's freaky!
Next up: Sonali and Gwen!


What I Think Of Ivy Ling!!!

Thanks to Sabrina for requesting Ivy! (Note: All pictures from AG Playthings!)
From AG:
Ivy Ling®, the middle child in a busy Chinese American household, feels invisible. Her mother has gone back to school to become a lawyer, and her father has two jobs to keep the family afloat. And if that’s not enough, Ivy’s best friend, Julie Albright, has moved to another part of San Francisco. The only place Ivy feels at home is at gymnastics. But this year the big gymnastics tournament is scheduled for the same day as the annual Ling family reunion. Ivy wrestles with a difficult choice. With her brother’s help, Ivy realizes that she can take charge of her own life—and make her own luck.

I love Ivy! She's SO pretty! I LOVE her meet outfit! I would wear that top, pants and boots!!!

I would LOVE a doll with earrings, I think Ivy looks really cute in them! Especially with that hat! AND THAT BAG!!!! <3 <3 <3

THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE Ivy in red! I think she looks best in red, white, and purple!!!

This is sooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!! If I had Ivy I would SO want this!!!!!!! She looks AMAZING in it!!!!!!!

Overall I rate Ivy A+! Though she's not first on my list, I think eventually I might like to get her, and her collection!!!
Next up: Chrissa!

A Valentines Day Photo Story!!!

Here is a photo story:

Unexpected Visitors!

Once upon a time...

At a totally normal Valentines Day party...

Everybody was having a blast!

Then the party got invaded by Build-A-Bears!

"What are you doing here?!" screamed Abby.

"Well," said a tall pink bear in a floral dress. "We heard that your party was going to be a blast, so here we are! If you don't want us here I suppose we could just go and take these presents-"

"PRESENTS?!" said Crissy in an excited voice.

"What presents?" demanded Crystal.

"A sweater for Crissy," the pink bear replied. "Oh thank you!" said Crissy. "It's beautiful!"

"Chocolates for Abby!" said a blue and white bear. "Yum!" said Abby.

"A hat for Kit!" said a fluffy pink bear. "Thank you!" Kit said excitedly.

"And last but not least, a purse for Crystal!" the pink bear in the floral dress finished off. "Thanks!" said Crystal.

Soon it was like they were old friends.

They got to meet the other guests too!

They danced!

But eventually it was time for the bears to go.

They thanked the girls for the food...

And complimented them on their pretty decorations!

But they took a photo to remember the fun time they had!
(Left to right standing up: Victoria, Shimmer, Abby, Crystal, Crissy, Petunia, Cinnamon, and Holly! Left to right sitting down: Minty, Pearl Blaire, Juliet, Kit, Cotton Candy, and Jennifer!) For a more detailed family photo (with lots more dolls and stuff) go to the About Me page! Also check back later for some new Caption That Doll Pictures!



Pictures Of Holly Moose And The Cheetah!!!

Here are some pictures of Holly Moose and the Cheetah:

Meet Holly Moose! Isn't she ADORABLE?!

She has the sweetest little face!

I got this heart outfit in June!

The shoes! The way I found her was that I was starting to price a big bin of stuffed animals, and I saw one of these shoes! I saw the Build-A-Bear mark and started to get it out, I realized it was attached to something! Then I pulled Holly out and almost started screaming! A minute later when I pulled out the Cheetah, I was so happy! :D

The bow is attached to her head.

AWWWW! I love her soooo much!!!

Isn't that Cheetah adorable?! 

I wish I could keep him, but he's for my friend! Hopefully I'll find a Cheetah for me too!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!! I will have a post with pictures of my dolls' celebrating up tomorrow! And some new Caption That Doll Pictures and a photo story!!!