What I Think Of Ruthie Smithens!!!

Hi! Today I'm doing Ruthie! Thanks for requesting her Sabrina! (Note: All pictures from AG Playthings!)
From AG:

Ruthie: 1932
Ruthie Smithens, Kit Kittredge's best friend, is a big part of Kit's six-book historical series. Ruthie loves fairy tales and happy endings. She'd also love to help Kit, whose family is struggling through the Great Depression. When Ruthie learns the Kittredges are having trouble paying the mortgage on their house, she decides to find a way to reach Kit's Aunt Millie in hopes of creating a real-life happy ending.

I LOVE RUTHIE!!!!! Ruthie is definitly going to be added to my collection hopefully in the near future (Note from Kit: Hopefully VERY near!)! Ruthie is sooooo pretty, she looks exactly like me with curly hair, I already have Kit, so I think Ruthie or Molly will be the next to join the doll family!

I LOVE her accessories! They fit her perfectly! I LOVE the purse, watch, barrettes, and handkerchief!!!

Well, I do like this, but I don't think it goes that well with Ruthie, she was really girly, and she loved fairy tales and princesses and stuff. It's really cute though!

I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I got Ruthie I would definitly want these! It looks soooo good on Ruthie!!! They totally go with her collection!

Overall Ruthie gets an A+! I REALLY hope to get her soon! Maybe I'll ask for her for my birthday!
Next up: Julie!


  1. Cool! I have Ruthie and I TOTALLY recommend her!

  2. Do you like her holiday dress? (Asking because i don't see it up there :P)

    1. Oops! Sorry, I got my pictures off of AG Playthings, and it wasn't on there. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE it though!!! :D

  3. Dollygirl any new posts coming up?

    1. Hmmm...well, I'm working on a WITO on Julie, any suggestions for posts? :)

    2. That is a great idea for a post!!! You do the best posts so I have no suggestions! :)


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