A Valentines Day Photo Story!!!

Here is a photo story:

Unexpected Visitors!

Once upon a time...

At a totally normal Valentines Day party...

Everybody was having a blast!

Then the party got invaded by Build-A-Bears!

"What are you doing here?!" screamed Abby.

"Well," said a tall pink bear in a floral dress. "We heard that your party was going to be a blast, so here we are! If you don't want us here I suppose we could just go and take these presents-"

"PRESENTS?!" said Crissy in an excited voice.

"What presents?" demanded Crystal.

"A sweater for Crissy," the pink bear replied. "Oh thank you!" said Crissy. "It's beautiful!"

"Chocolates for Abby!" said a blue and white bear. "Yum!" said Abby.

"A hat for Kit!" said a fluffy pink bear. "Thank you!" Kit said excitedly.

"And last but not least, a purse for Crystal!" the pink bear in the floral dress finished off. "Thanks!" said Crystal.

Soon it was like they were old friends.

They got to meet the other guests too!

They danced!

But eventually it was time for the bears to go.

They thanked the girls for the food...

And complimented them on their pretty decorations!

But they took a photo to remember the fun time they had!
(Left to right standing up: Victoria, Shimmer, Abby, Crystal, Crissy, Petunia, Cinnamon, and Holly! Left to right sitting down: Minty, Pearl Blaire, Juliet, Kit, Cotton Candy, and Jennifer!) For a more detailed family photo (with lots more dolls and stuff) go to the About Me page! Also check back later for some new Caption That Doll Pictures!



  1. Love your doll room!! :) Can you post pics and give a tour??

    1. Thank you so much!! I can't wait for pics! I love your doll room so much!

  2. That's so cute! from Jemimah


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