Photostory-The Big Mess!!!

Hey guys! Here's a photostory for you to enjoy! I worked really hard on it (it was easy to create a fake mess, all I had to do was throw doll clothes and other things everywhere, but REALLY hard to clean up. It took an hour!), so PLEASE don't steal my pictures! Thank you. Now on to the story...

The Big Mess

Kit: Ah, I'm back from summer camp! I can't wait to see my friends again!


Kit: W-what happened?

Kit: It's a disaster area!

Kit: Samantha! Samantha!

Samantha: Huh? Oh, hey Kit, how was camp?

Kit: Camp was fine, but what I want to know is what happened in here! It's a pig sty! And why are you in my bed? You have your own room!

Kit: There are clothes everywhere...

Kit: Stray kittens...

Kit: Old moldy food...

Kit: And everybody is snoozing, while wearing random outfits, and using clothes for blankets!

Samantha: Oh, um, I guess we just kind of...uh...forgot to put things away...and threw things on the floor. Oh well, whatever. It doesn't matter!

Kit: It does so matter!

Kit: Troops, I have gathered you here today to take on a grand mission...

Kit: We are going to clean this room!

Crissy: Ew, everything's gross and dirty!

Kit: Yeah, well you should have all thought of that before dumping all of your stuff on the floor! Now who's with me?

All: I am!!!

Crystal: Let's do this!

Kit: Ok, let's move move move!

Abby started to shoo away the stray kittens...

While Samantha made the beds...

Kit picked up clothes...

Crissy picked up toys...

Taryn sorted the games...

and Crystal picked up papers and books!

After Abby shooed away the kittens, she started to pick up food.

Kit: Hey look! I found a cat costume! Cool! I'm going to use it for Halloween!

Taryn: And look! I found My Money! I love that game! It's been lost for ages!

Kit: Hey Samantha, I see you up there, no naps!

Crissy: Ewwww, this is disgusting! There's chips all over the floor!

Eventually they got everything cleaned up though!

Kit: Yay!!!

Kit: It's so CLEAN!

Kit: Thank goodness! Don't you agree girls?

Kit: Girls? Oh well! Let them rest! They deserve it!

Whew! That took a lot of effort, so I hope you guys like it! Comment below and tell me what your favorite part was!


  1. This story reminded me of the time my nana was trying to give some board games to a donations place. She'd put them in a box in her room. I remember she was putting makeup on when my grandpa came in and was all like, "oh I remember that game!" And my nana was like, "YAH, they're going in the donations." My grandpa looked horrified. He kept trying to sneak into the room and steal the board games. My nana would turn around and see my grandpa crawling on the ground all military style and be like, "Billy, GET OUT!" Just a random story :)

  2. Love <3 ♥ it.........................

  3. Great story. My favorite part was the moldy pizza and then seeing it all cleaned up.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I was very proud after I got it all cleaned up! LOL!

  4. That is so cute!!! Great job! My favourite bit was when Kit had just got back from summer camp, and she saw the huge mess and screamed! It was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!
    I've been doing a photo story on my blog to, it's about all our mini dolls going camping. It turned out really well, but also really really really long!!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, that's one of my favorite parts! Cool!

  5. P.S. Very funny story Jordy! I almost couldn't hold in the giggles!!!


    1. Thank you so much! All of your photo stories are awesome too! :D

  7. That was so awesome! I love when Samantha started taking a nap in her bed! That was hilarious!!!!:)

  8. So how come nobody ever wants to join me when I ask them to join up? Humph! Great story!

  9. I cannot believe you got into the doll diaries picks of the week! You are so lucky!!!

    1. I am SOOOO happy! You definitely will soon though! Your blog is too awesome to not get into DD Picks of the Week! :D


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