Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Easter everybody! Did you get chocolate? :D


Easter Presents!!!

Hi guys! Today I went over to my friend's house and she had some big news! She and her little sister ADORE Saige, and they were going to enter the Saige contest on AG, they worked really hard on the pictures, and then saw that you can only enter if you live in America. So now they decided that their going to split the cost and buy Saige and share her!!! She also had some extra time recently, so she made me an Easter present! She made me a pink skirt, a lace belt/headband, a gorgeous midnight blue with sparkles dress, a pretty dress for Abby, and a dress that's exactly like one she loaned me! Thanks so much Cate!!!!!!!! And then, her little sister wanted to give me something, so she gave me Nellie's pajamas! Not for keeps though, but she said I can keep them for like a few months! And they loaned me a soccer outfit! I hope you guys have a very happy Easter! Remember the real reason we're celebrating, because Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins!


More AG Loans!!!

Happy Good Friday!!! Today I went over to my friend's and she and I traded in the riding outfit (don't worry, I got lots of pictures of it!) for...
This whole outfit!

The pink corderoy pants, and the suede pants that go over them!

Emily's tap outfit, minus the socks and hat!

And this outfit, minus the ski poles, snowshoes, and headband! Except they couldn't find the boots so they loaned me ones without fur at the top! They also loaned me a gorgeous handmade dress! I'll take pictures soon!

The friends I'm talking about are Cate and her little sister. Check out Cate's new blog here! She would love it if you entered her contest!


Back In Business!!!

Hey guys! I have awesome news for you! Samantha Lynn from Forever American Girl gave me an awesome tip! You can make Create-A-Dolls by using Lip Tint on Picmonkey!!! Thank you Samantha! Everybody go check out her awesome blog here! So I can't do a couple of the details I used to be able to do, but here's the new order form:

Name or Screen Name:
Doll (MAG, GOTY, Best Friend, or Historical):
If your doll has a hair accessory what color should I make it:
Do you want me to add freckles:
Hair color:
Eye color:
Shirt color:
Streaks or highlights:
Hair clip and color and shape(hearts, stars, or buttons):
Lip color:

Order away! And I'll do all of the old orders too!


Thrift Store Wednesday!!!

Hi guys! Today at the thrift store I got an 18 inch doll suitcase, a Build-A-Bear shirt, and a bag of Barbie stuff containing:
-a really pretty ballerina Barbie that looks exactly like a girl who performed in this ballet thing I saw at a museum
-a white tutu
-a black practice leotard
-a Fred Flintstone shirt
-a pink princess dress
-a baseball bat
-groovy 70s jeans
-black ballet slippers
-roller skates
-a helmet
-a breakfast in bed tray
-a hanging organizer
-a soccer outfit
-a denim dress
-a red cape
-a puppy
-a Playmobil cat
-white pants
-black velvety pants
-green pants with groovy moons, flowers, stars, and hearts on them
-a hanger
-a Polly Pocket cell phone
-pink boots
-red boots
-red shoes
-white sneakers
-pink high heels
-a white purse
-a pink bag with little pockets
-a hairdryer
-a toothbrush
-a mirror
-one single white ballet slipper
-white high heels
-a little white piece of a fence that I'm going to use as a jump for my Barbie horses
-a parrot standing on a little dish
And all this came to the grand total of........$1.50! Everything! Including the suitcase and Build-A-Bear shirt! And you know what else is awesome?! The thrift shop I work at doesn't charge tax! Does anybody want to see pictures of anything? Comment and tell me!!!


The Daily Doll - American Girl Kit Kittredge!!!

Hi guys! Just to let you know The Daily Doll will probably not be posted everyday, but I'll try!

Today's Daily Doll is Kit Kittredge!!!

The Basics On Kit:

Made by: American Girl
Size: 18 inches
Body type: Jointed soft body
Hair: Blond bob that's curled underneath
Eyes: Blue 
Face: Classic mold
Fits into: Pretty much any 18 inch doll clothes
Price: $110 from AG, but you can get her for much cheaper on eBay
Where to buy: American Girl, eBay
Recommended for: AG says 8 and up, but Kit has really manageable hair so I say 6 and up

And here is Miss Kit herself!

I recommend her 100%

I LOVE this picture!

My mom made her shirt and skirt, the shoes are from Springfield, and the hair clips are just ordinary clips!

She's tons of fun to play with!

She's super photogenic!

Her hair, it's really manageable!


"Hello World!"

"Oh hey Crissy, is that my lunch?"

A close-up of her pretty face!

She looks awesome in blue!

I love her SO much!!!!!!!!!

Kit is definitely my favorite doll that AG has ever made! I hope you liked this!!!



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Hi guys! Some of my friends and I were playing, and they were thinking that they should loan me some of their AG clothes, because they have a ton! It's sort-of like a library! We play on the weekends so every week I can return the one I borrowed, and get a new one! We did a lot of switching this weekend though!

Friday they loaned me this dress, and a handmade top and skirt!

Saturday they loaned me Nellie's pajama shirt...

This bathrobe...

The shoes from this, and handmade pajama shorts!

Today they loaned me this whole riding outfit! Well, except for the white shirt that goes underneath the jacket, they couldn't find it, but I'll find something to go underneath!

Kit's wearing the riding outfit right now, she looks adollable! Thank you Cate and sister! Cate has started her blog, but her parents want it to be private, so I'll have to check and see if I can share the link!


Interview With Cate!!!!!

Hey! Today I'm interviewing my friend Cate! She has a MAG #35 that she named Lizzie!!! Her little sister has Nicki! Cate will be starting a dolls/cooking/crafts blog soon! I will give you guys a link when she does! Now here's the interview:

Dollygirl: How many AG dolls do you have and which ones?
Cate: I have one AG doll, and my sister has another. I have a MAG #35 named Lizzie and my sister has Nicki.

Dollygirl: What is the next AG you want to get?
Cate: I think I would like to get one with long, easy to style hair!

Dollygirl: Do you like any other dolls?
Cate: I like Ellowynes!

Dollygirl: Do you have any non AG 18 inch dolls?
Cate: No.

Dollygirl: Besides AG, what's your favorite doll brand?
Cate: Maplelea! Oh and Ellowynes!

Dollygirl: What do you like to see most on blogs?
Cate: More photo contests!

Dollygirl: What inspired you to want to start a blog?
Cate: Your blog!!! I never realized how much fun blogs were until I saw yours!!!

Dollygirl: What's your advice for people just starting a blog?
Cate: I wouldn't know, that's me!

Dollygirl: What is one word you'd use to describe AG?
Cate: Can I use two? Beautifully Detailed!

Dollygirl: Do you find AG affordable?
Cate: NO!!!

Dollygirl: Who do you think is the best doll AG has ever released?
Cate: I actually like quite a few: Josephina, Rebecca, MAG #35 (of course), Caroline  and Elizabeth! Wow that's quite a few :)

Dollygirl: Do you recommend your dolls?
Cate: Yes!!!  They are awesome.

Dollygirl: If you saw an AG doll at a thrift store or Goodwill, what would you do?
Cate: Depends on the condition. I would love to have one but I already have one and I think I would leave it there for a less fortunate kid to have. (I would have a hard time leaving the doll there though)

Dollygirl: Do you enjoy blogging?
Cate: Well I think I will!!!

Dollygirl: What is your favorite thing to do with your dolls?
Cate: I love dressing them up then doing photo-shoots!!

Thanks so much all powerful ruler of the universe! (Cate made me write that xD)


No Thrift Store Wednesday.

Hey guys! Sorry, but there won't be any Thrift Store Wednesday, because I was sick yesterday and didn't go. But in the meantime, here's a giveaway: CLICK ME!!!!!!!!


Happy Belated Birthday Abby!!!

Hi! Yesterday was Abby's birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was too busy to post though! She got some bones and chew toys (for her dogs), a cool stained glass coloring book, and a book of paper dolls!!!!!! So here's an picture of her:

Happy Birthday Abby!!!!!!!!!!

Doll Diaries Giveaways!!!

Hi guys! Click here and here for some Doll Diaries giveaways! Also, in about five minutes I'm about to go and take the picture of the first doll for the doll of the day feature! Do you guys have any ideas for what I should call it? Because I can't call it Doll Of The Day because that's Doll Diaries's name. Also do you have any guesses of who it will be? It will be up when you guys comment with a name, or a bit after that!


What Do You Want To See?

Hi guys! I was just wondering, what do you want to see on here? Also what do you think about my idea for a feature sort of like Doll Of The Day from Doll Diaries except with no printable? I've only had one person comment about that so far (thanks Sabrina!). So tell me what you think and what you want!

Thanks Guys!!!

Hi! I wanted to thank you guys because at the minute (though it just keeps growing and growing) I have...............................................................................................................................................
.......................................................................................................14,044 pageviews!!!!!!!! This means so much to me guys, thanks again! Also check below for a WITO on Saige Copeland!


What I Think Of Saige Copeland!!!

Hi! Today I'm doing Saige!!! (Note: All pictures from AG Playthings!)
From AG:

Saige Copeland™ loves the arts and her horses. But when both of her passions are threatened, she turns to her creative side. With imaginative solutions, she proves that one girl can make a difference.

I LOVEEEEEEEEEE SAIGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is sooooooo pretty! I'd like to get her eventually, but I'm not sure it will be soon. I love her ring, boots, dress, and her gorgous auburn hair!

AWESOME!!! I LOVE those earrings!!! And her bracelet and necklace are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! I really want that purse! :D

Her PJs are super cute, but I wish AG wouldn't ALWAYS use those flip-flop like slippers! Why can't they make her some dog slippers?

This is SO cute!!! And so realistic! I want to get this sometime!

I like her hat, but I like her helmet a lot more!!! It's sooo cute!!!

I love this dress! It looks so nice on her! And those golden boots are adorable!

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! Rembrandt is sooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has to be my favorite Saige outfit! It's actually really my style xD

I.LOVE.THIS.SET!!!!!!! It's soooooooo gorgeous!!! I really want to get it someday!

Awesome! I am OBSESSED with horses!!!

Picasso is SO cute!!! Except AG messed up, his forelock shouldn't be under the bridle!

Ok, I'll be brutally honest with you, I think that while this is cool, it's a waste of money. Ok, Caroline's boat is one thing, at least you could push it around, but why would AG make this big, bulky, heavy hot air balloon that you can't play with?!

Overall I give Saige an A-, I love her and almost all of her collection, but the hot air balloon and the fact that they messed up on the horse brings her down a point. I do think I'd like to eventually get her though!
Next up: Josefina!