What Do You Want To See?

Hi guys! I was just wondering, what do you want to see on here? Also what do you think about my idea for a feature sort of like Doll Of The Day from Doll Diaries except with no printable? I've only had one person comment about that so far (thanks Sabrina!). So tell me what you think and what you want!


  1. Well personally I love everything you do! Some ideas are Crafts,witos,reviews,Random posts,tours(room tours),and anything else! Have a good evening! Time flies! I hate Mondays! Ugh! Every single weekend it feels like a couple of hours not two days! But people say time flies when you are having fun!

    1. Sorry for so much space between some,ideas,and are. :( type o :(

  2. Yeah! That would be cool!

  3. Do the doll of the day thing!


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