Thrift Store Wednesday!!!

Hi guys! Today at the thrift store I got an 18 inch doll suitcase, a Build-A-Bear shirt, and a bag of Barbie stuff containing:
-a really pretty ballerina Barbie that looks exactly like a girl who performed in this ballet thing I saw at a museum
-a white tutu
-a black practice leotard
-a Fred Flintstone shirt
-a pink princess dress
-a baseball bat
-groovy 70s jeans
-black ballet slippers
-roller skates
-a helmet
-a breakfast in bed tray
-a hanging organizer
-a soccer outfit
-a denim dress
-a red cape
-a puppy
-a Playmobil cat
-white pants
-black velvety pants
-green pants with groovy moons, flowers, stars, and hearts on them
-a hanger
-a Polly Pocket cell phone
-pink boots
-red boots
-red shoes
-white sneakers
-pink high heels
-a white purse
-a pink bag with little pockets
-a hairdryer
-a toothbrush
-a mirror
-one single white ballet slipper
-white high heels
-a little white piece of a fence that I'm going to use as a jump for my Barbie horses
-a parrot standing on a little dish
And all this came to the grand total of........$1.50! Everything! Including the suitcase and Build-A-Bear shirt! And you know what else is awesome?! The thrift shop I work at doesn't charge tax! Does anybody want to see pictures of anything? Comment and tell me!!!


  1. Wow! All that for $1.50? Totally a Best buy if you ask me! Sure, put some pics on here, they'd be lovely! Plus, got first comment! YAY!

  2. Could you post pictures of the Barbie stuff, please?

  3. I want to see pictures of everything you got! Can you take a pic of one of your build a bears in the tee shirt??? Do you work at a thrift shop (I was curious because you said the thrift shop you worked at)???? :) Good evening!!

    1. Ok! Sure! Yup, I work at a thrift shop! It's volunteering though, I don't get payed.

    2. Cool! I love yard sales and thrift stores!!!

  4. Can we have a picture of the 18 inch doll suitcase?


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