Beforever Rant

Hey!! I know you guys probably weren't expecting to hear from me for a while, but I had to post...my AG catalog just came in the mail.
What is up with Beforever???!!!
I mean seriously, they made the historicals all baby faced with bright cheery colors, and they're completely disrespecting their stories. SAMANTHA DOES NOT WEAR PINK!!!
But the funny thing is, the My American Girls look older. Like I'm talking 13 here. They look like they have perfectly styled hair, are wearing makeup and have designer super trendy clothes. Isabelle (I count her in withs the MAGs because she's from this time) even has a makeup set.
The historicals look like 8 year olds. It's disgusting. Like sure, they've got some cute pieces. I love Sam's holiday set, but the meet outfits look like something a 7yr old would wear. They don't look historically accurate, and they aren't following the books at all.
The historicals were always my favorite part, but now...the MAGs have seriously over-run them. The MAGs look more like me. They still have a bit of a baby face, but overall with the trendy clothes, perfect hair, etc. they come off looking 12-13ish.
Why are you doing this to us AG? What happened to "letting your inner star shine"? I gotta admit, I always hated that slogan but it had a point Don't be like everyone else. Now they've got these uber trendy perfect dolls that channel Barbie, and these baby-faced color-dipped dolls that channel Baby Alive. The new historicals look almost like Bitty Twins to me. I'm so disappointed AG.
And of course, AG still has their insane prices. Some things never change *sigh*
There had better be a good GOTY to make up for this....Beforever was NOT a good idea.

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