Hey guys, I've got some news today and I don't really know how to say it...

I'm kind of upset.

Yeah. This post is going to be hard.

Um...Well, you see, people are copying me. My WITOs. I recently saw someone post, and they said what a great WITO someone did. Thinking it might be me. I clicked on the link. It wasn't.

I'm not going to name any names, but I started out by giving one or two people permission, and it spread like wildfire.

So, what I'm trying to say is, please stop doing WITOs (What I Think Ofs).

It all started with me doing a post on my thoughts about Caroline. Lots of people liked that post, and wanted more. So WITO became extremely popular on my blog, everyone loved it. So much that I created a page for requests. Not being able to fit What I Think Of in the title, I named it WITO.

I gave one or two people permission, and now I see tons of people doing it.

They took my ideas, my name (WITO), they even took all the little catch phrases I used to describe things.

If you're wondering why you haven't seen any for a while, it's because now it looks like I'm copying the other people. So PLEASE STOP. If you spread the word, unspread it. If you told ANYBODY, then tell them to stop. Send them a link to this post, because the WITO idea is COPYRIGHT DOLLYGIRL'S TREASURES. I'm so upset I'm even considering quitting. I used to love doing WITOs but now that I'm being copied, it's no fun anymore. Work hard for me, please, if you've seen anyone doing a WITO, or know that they've done that in the past, please comment on their blogs or email them, contact them in some way and link to this post. And from now on, everything on Dollygirl's Treasure is copyright. COPYRIGHT. If you'd like to use something like a photo, ask me permission first and then give me credit. Please don't think I'm being mean or selfish. It's just that I'm sick of people thinking that it's OK to take this idea without asking just because I told someone else they could use it in the past. And I'm sick of people suggesting to other people that they do WITOs. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD. I'm extremely upset about this.


I Made a Video!!!

Hey guys! I made my first video! It's of my dolls "doing" The Cup Song! Enjoy, and please let me know if it doesn't work. Also, one last thing: THIS VIDEO IS COPYRIGHT DOLLYGIRL'S TREASURES 2013. IF YOU STEAL THIS OR THE IDEA (WHICH IS 100% ORIGINAL) I WILL SEND MY MONSTERS TO COME STEAL ALL OF YOUR DOLLS. THANK YOU. (Sorry about the huge copyright thing, it's just I came up with this, it's completely original, and I love this video. It would make me very mad if someone stole it or used the idea. Thank you.)

I hope you guys like it! I apologize for the bad lighting, and I'm not a very good singer, and I also just learned The Cup Song, so no nasty comments please. Also, I know it's not "two bottle of Pepsi for the way" but I wanted the video to be ok for younger kids to watch.


AMAZING Giveaway!!!

Hey guys! Just a quick update to share this AWESOME giveaway with you!

Click here to enter to win this American Girl Doll! Good luck!


Your Questions Answered!!!

Well guys, I got 18 questions, which I think is pretty good!

Nina ( asked 4 questions! Thanks Nina!

Q: What was your favorite thrift store find?
A: Ooh, that's a really hard one! I don't think I can pick just one so probably some of my top finds were AG books, mini Kit, and my two doll trunks!
Q: Name your three favorite doll companies
A: American Girl, Maplelea, and Springfield!
Q: What's your favorite thing about blogging?
A: I love when I get comments and new followers, and I love meeting other Bloggers! I also love posting most of all!
Q: What's your least favorite thing about blogging?
A: Hmm...probably when I get no comments and like 1 view on my posts when I've worked really hard on them! But the most important part of blogging is that you're happy. So it doesn't matter that much!

Maria ( asked 4 questions! Thanks Maria!

Q: What is your favorite animal?
A: A horse!
Q: What is the hardest craft you have ever done?
A: Hmmm...probably the Camp Doll Diaries visors. They kept falling apart!
Q: What is you favorite band /Music type?
A: I love Taylor Swift!
Q: Do you like drawing?

Ava asked 3 questions! Thanks Ava!

Q: What first got you interested in dolls?
A: Well, when I was younger, I adored stuffed animals (I still do!) but then I found Crystal at a yard sale and I just started liking dolls! My mom had heard of AG's, but thought that they were too expensive. She didn't really know what the dolls looked like, and she thought Crystal was an AG, so she bought her for me. When we got home, we looked on the website, and found out that she wasn't an AG, but then I looked at the other dolls and I loved them! My parents said no, but then I got the idea of used ones! So I got an almost brand new Kit from eBay! And then Samantha!
Q: Why did you decide to start a blog?
A: Because my sisters had them and I was jealous xD
Q: What are your least favorite type of dolls?
A: Hmmmm...That's a tough one! I don't really like Bratz dolls that much.

Katie ( asked 1 question! Thanks Katie!

Q: When you first started blogging it seemed like you had so many comments and followers right away so I was wondering how do you get your blog noticed?
A: Well, first of all, most of the followers were real life friends and my family. A lot of people actually commented like a year after I posted that first stuff (they commented on the old stuff when my blog got popular, because they went through all of my old posts to see what my blog was like) so I didn't actually have a whole bunch of comments right off the bat, some of those comments are very recent. Here are some tips for getting your blog noticed:
1. Don't advertise on other peoples blogs if they say don't advertise. And don't do it on posts where it doesn't make sense. Do it maybe on their favorite blogs page!
2. Do what makes YOU happy. Don't do it because you want a billion followers!
3. A lot of people do these things called like "Mister Linky" and it's a box where you put your blog name and link in, and then a whole bunch of people will click on it! It's really good for getting your blog noticed!
4. Actually, if you've just started up your blog, or you want some more publicity, I'd be glad to give you a shout-out! Just comment below with a link to your blog!
5. If nobody comments, don't be sad. I've had times when no one comments, and it's just silly to do a post saying "Waaaaaaaaaa, nobody likes me, maybe I should quit, no ones commenting and that obviously means that everyone hates me." it's just plain SILLY. Of COURSE people still like you! Did you do anything to them? If not then it means that they don't hate you! Several people are just silent readers, or they can't think about what to comment!
6. Don't threaten to quit! It's really nerve-racking for your followers, and you could lose some!

Sam/Toygirl02 ( and asked 5 questions! Thanks Sam!

1. What makes a good blogger? A good blogger doesn't whine about stuff, and does the blogging for themselves, they don't just do it for followers and pageviews!
2. If you could change one thing about you what would you change? Hmmm...probably the fact that I'm SUPER shy!
3. One insecuritie? Again, my shyness!
4. Favourite blogger? Char at Doll Diaries!
5. Advice for being as successful as you? Look at the 6 tips above I gave Katie!

Thanks everybody! Sorry this is posted so late!

And The Winner Is (giveaway winners)...

Hi girls! Today I am announcing the winners of the giveaway, so here we have the lovely Kit to draw 3 names!

Kit says hello to the lovely blogging world!

Here are all of the names!

I put them in a container, and Kit closed her eyes, and picked one!

Oh, the suspense! Who could it be?

Congratulations Toygirl02!!!!!!!!! You have won 1st place in Dollygirl's Treasures' first giveaway! You have won a unique and customised collage made specially by me to fit your personality for the side of your blog!!! Please tell me which of my dolls you would like to have in your collage, what colors, and what symbols (hearts, flowers, soccer balls, etc.)! Please comment all of this.

And in second place...we have Amaya!!! Congrats! You have won the deluxe shout-out! I will be posting it very soon!

And in third, we have Autumn!!! YAY!!! You have won the regular shout-out! I will be posting it very soon also!!!

Thanks so much for entering everyone! I hope to maybe get a sponsor soon for a blog design or something. Then I can have another giveaway! If you are interested in sponsoring me for something virtual (like a blog design, blog button, award, guest post, etc.) then please comment below! Also, I'm sorry for posting this so late! Once again, thanks for entering!!!

I Got Tagged!!!

Hey! I got tagged for the Elegant Blogger award!

Ok, let's get started! So, here is the award:

I love it! Here is the link for the wonderful blogger who started the tag:


  • When you receive the award, link back to and the blog that nominated you
  • Display the award button in the post
  • Answer all of the 12 questions given in this post (Do not make your own questions)
  • Nominate 12 bloggers
  • Notify them that they have been awarded

Thanks Nina and Amaya and Jessica for tagging me!!!

Here are the questions:

  1. What made you decide to start blogging? My mom and my sisters had blogs, and I wanted one too!
  2. What is your fashion style? Casual, trendy, and sometimes girly!
  3. What is something none of your followers know about you? What I look like! Also, they probably don't know that I am obsessed with My Little Pony-Friendship Is Magic! It's a good show! xD
  4. What are some of your blogging goals? 100 followers, a million pageviews, and 1000 posts!
  5. Where is your favorite place to shop? Old Navy!
  6. What would your ideal amount of blog followers be? 5000 xD
  7. What are your talents? Um, I guess I'm crafty, I'm an actress, and I'm a swimmer!
  8. Are you a leader or a follower? Follower. Unless the leader was doing something bad
  9. What is one of your favorite quotes? "Be true, be you!"
  10. Do you have a favorite book or book series? I love Harry Potter, Inkheart, and SOOOOOOO many more! :)
  11. Out of all of the synonyms for elegant, which would you describe yourself with (smart - stylish - dressy - graceful - dainty - fine)? Um...I don't know...maybe graceful or smart? xD
  12. What is your favorite flower? I love daisies!

And I nominate...

DRUM ROLL PLEASE........................

Actually, I'm really late in doing this (sorry!) so anyone can do it and say that I tagged them! It's already made it's rounds.

Thanks again for tagging me girls!