Getting Creative!

Hey, sorry I haven't posted for a while. Anyway here's what I've been doing:

                                           Thinking up new ways to perform cuteness............


New Pictures!

Hey, remember that other blog post about the Barbie rolling case? Well here are some of my own pictures of the Barbie rolling case!


                                                            Sorry this post is really short.......



Why are Livs so breakable?


I mean c'mon why are Livs so breakable? I have a Liv and the day after I got it her leg fell off. And it wasn't like I was playing rough or anything. And then a couple weeks later her other leg fell off! Well I guess that its because they are so jointed but still.

Well bye for now.......



Karito Kids!

I for one love Karito Kids, but like American Girl, Maplea and all the rest they are 100 dollars. 

Well, sorry this post is so short...


Ty Girlz Rock!!!!!

I love Ty Girlz! I own Ooh La La Olivia and Cutie Cathy! I think that they are great toys for kids because: they have hair you can brush and style, you can sleep with them, and they are soft and posable!

                                                                   Ty Girl peeping out!

                                                                    My Cutie Cathy!
                                                                   My Ooh La La Olivia
                                                              Another picture of Cutie Cathy!

The Ty Girlz symbol!

Still posting.......



Any Suggestions?

Just saying if you know any good 18 inch doll clothes patterns then please comment and link to them. I'm always trying to get new doll clothes for Crissy and Crystal!



What Crissy and Crystal got for Christmas!!!!!

O.K it's kind-of past Christmas time, but I'm still going to put up these shots!

Mama Squirrel at Dewey's Treehouse made the clothes for me and Crissy and Crystal as a Christmas present!

                                                           Still blogging........


Moxie Girlz vs. Bratz!

One thing to get straight: I like Moxies way better then Bratz!



I don't know, but to me Bratz they are just such brats!
                                                                          Will blog soon........


Crissy's Spa!!!!!

                                               She looks so cute in these photos!

                                                                  It was a lot of fun!

                                                                     Will post soon........


Barbie Rolling Case!

I love blogging! Still can't believe that this blog is mine! Anyhow, guess what I got at a thrift shop for two bucks?!




                                                            By the way I love Barbies!

                                                                 I'll post soon.........

P.S  Sorry the pictures aren't mine, I am not a good photographor.

My New Blog!

I'm so excited!!! Can't believe that I have my own blog!!!! Well, for starters, I'm Dollygirl, and this is my new blog!

                                           This is one of my very favourite dolls, Crissy!

And this is my other very favourite doll, Crystal!

(Sorry the picture's a little blurry!)

Will post again soon...