The Nutcracker-A Photo Story!!!

Hello! I did this photo story on October embarrassing! Well, here it is now, so enjoy! Oh, and I know the little figure is not a nutcracker, but it's all I had!
*All photos belong to me...don't steal them, and don't use them without permission from me. Thanks.*

Clara: I'm so tired! That was one amazing Christmas party! Wait, what's that under the tree?!

There was a strange package underneath the Christmas tree, addressed to Clara.

Clara: Oh boy, I must have missed one!!!

It was a gorgeous handmade nutcracker. 

I shall treasure this always, Clara thought as she snuggled down under a blanket, worn out from the party.

But a strange noise woke her. Her nutcracker was being cornered by a large rat!

Clara instantly jumped up, and kicked her shoe at the horrible rat.

The rat was knocked out, but before the shoe hit him, he had cast a spell!

Clara: HELP!

Suddenly the rat seemed a thousand times bigger..was he growing? No! I'm shrinking, Clara realized with a jolt!

The nutcracker pushed her towards the tree, and together they climbed it.

However, the rat was conquered.

Nutcracker: I have the power to send you to a friend of mine, Clara! She can fix you!
Clara: Um, ok!

Suddenly Clara found herself in an odd, empty, place.

Sugar Plum Fairy: Ah, here you are Clara.
Clara: You know my name?
Sugar Plum Fairy: Yes, the nutcracker told me you would be coming!

Clara: Can you make me big again?
Sugar Plum Fairy: Yes!

And with a wave of her magical hand, that she did.

Clara: I'm back! And look, I found my shoe!!!

I hope you enjoyed! 

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