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Happy Birthday to Jordy at My Doll's Lives who has a really awesome blog and recently got Caroline and Rebecca so go check it out!
Delaney at Delaney Loves American Girl just got Caroline! She also got a box of AG stuff at a flea market! Go see her blog, it's awesome!
Enroll as a student or be a teacher at American Girl Academy whose principal is Katie Rain and I'm a teacher!
Enter your photo in the Halloween Parade at Doll Diaries!
Inky at Super Inky goes on all kinds of adventures and always takes really cool photos!
Hardygirl66 just made her awesome Halloween video which you can see at Springfield Collection Dolls another really awesome blog made by Miss Maggie!
Shauna at AG Farm Girls just found Samantha's Commode Dresser at Goodwill!
September at American Girl Club just wrote her AG wishlist!



Some AGs I made On Picmonkey!

Here are some AGs I made on Picmonkey! Enjoy!
From Caroline to:

Spooky Caroline Halloween!

From Emily to:

Modern Emily!

From this Felicity to:

This Felicity!

From Kirsten to:

Kirsten in pink!

From Kit to:

This very different Kit!

From this Lanie to:

This Lanie!

And from Samantha to:

This Samantha!

This is just some examples of what I can do for Create-A-Dolls! Be sure to ask me for one in the post below!!!



So, I got this idea from Delaney to start creating AG dolls so fill out the order form in the comments and check back often because I will keep updating it with the pictures!!! You can do as many as you want a day! You could also take one and make it your profile picture.

Name or Screen Name:
Doll (MAG, GOTY, Best Friend, or Historical):
Freckles (I can remove them or add them):
Hair color:
Eye color:
Shirt color:
Streaks or highlights:
Lip color:



Sorry guys, I have a cold so today I didn't go to the thrift shop.



Congrats Hardygirl66!!!

Congrats to Hardygirl66 who guessed who I got on Wednesday! A... Cabbage Patch Kid!!! She is such a cutie so I'll post pictures tonight and now I will go make your award Hardygirl66!!!



Another Clue!!!

Ok, this is the final clue! If nobody has guessed by tomorrow evening I will post pictures of her! So you already know that a. The brand name is three words b. She isn't jointed c. The only plastic part on her is her head d. The brand name doesn't have the word dolls in it. So here is your final clue: They have something to do with vegatables! Ooh mysterious...



Who Next, and a Clue!!!

UPDATED- Here is two more clues! The only plastic part on her is her head, and the brand name doesn't have the word dolls in it! Please guess!!!

Ok, so once again I need suggestions for what AG to do a post on next! Remember I can do historical, GOTY, and Best Friend! Also I have already done posts on Caroline, Molly, Nicki, Emily, and Mckenna!
And moving on, I am giving you another clue to who I bought on Wednesday! So, you already know that the brand is three words so now here is your second clue: She isn't jointed! Remember I don't bite! So go ahead and guess who I got or tell me what AG you'd like to see a post on next!


What I Think Of Mckenna Brooks!!!

I LOVE Mckenna, she is one of my favorite GOTYs!!!

Balancing school and sports is a challenge for McKenna Brooks as she enters fourth grade. When she struggles with reading, she must find a way to keep up. Can McKenna use her strengths as a gymnast to succeed in the classroom, too?

I absolutely LOVE Mckenna! The only GOTY I like better is Mia, but Mckenna comes REALLY close!

Her accessories have to be my favorite accessories of any AG ever made! I love the bag, the trail mix, the water bottle, the ID card, the journel, the money, the necklace, and the papers!!!

Mckenna's beam and bar are SO cool! If I had them I would like not stop playing with them!

I love both of these outfits so much! Especially the gymnastics t-shirt and the little shrug thingy!

This set is so cool! I really like the leotard and the hoop and ribbon would be so much fun!

I LOVE the medal and jacket! I don't know about the shoes though, they look kind of flimsy.

The first thing I thought when I looked at this outfit was "?!?!?!?! THOSE SHOES HAVE A HEEL!!!!!" I don't know if the doll can actually stand in these or not but I do love the dress! 

I just LOVE her pajamas! With the awesome pajama shirt, the fuzzy slippers, and the realistic pajama bottoms I love everything!!!

Ok, my first impression on this was "WOW THATS AWESOME!!!" and then "WOW thats expensive!" because I mean $225 dollars for a doll bed? Really AG?

I find Mckenna's school outfit adorable! Especially the sweater!


Cooper, my favorite AG pet!!! But $24?

This is really cute, but AGAIN $30?! Check out this set, only $9 dollars more and it comes with a wheelchair! AG's wheelchair is that price for just the wheelchair!!!

Overall I give Mckenna's collection an A- because its really pricy but the items seem quality made and cute and she is gorgeous so personally I think she would be a really great doll to get!


What I Think Of Emily Bennett!!!

Emily is so awesome! She is probably my favorite Best Friend character! Note: All pictures from AG Playthings!

Emily Bennett®, is an English girl who comes to stay with Molly McIntire’s family to escape the bombing of London during World War Two. Although they are from very different worlds, lively Molly and sweet, shy Emily soon discover that they have a lot in common. Both girls are fascinated by the English princesses, both girls love dogs, and both girls worry about loved ones in England.
When misunderstandings lead to trouble, Emily and Molly finally realize that true friendship comes from being brave enough to be

I LOVE Emily!!! Her gorgeous red hair, her sweet face, and her awesome dress! 
I love her accessories! I love the little white cardigan, dog tags, coin, scrapbook with pictures of her family and the princesses in it, and her ration book!
This is probably my favorite outfit in Emily's collection! This outfit would be so much fun to have!
I really like this outfit! Especially the coat and mittens! 
I LOVE this sled!!! It looks so fun and Christmasy!

I adore this! I love the print and if I had Emily I would want these pajamas!

Ok, actually if I had Emily I would want the pajamas and these robe and slippers!

Yank is SO cute! I would HAVE to have him if I had Emily!

Isn't this outfit just divine? I love the frilly socks, and the dress and well, everything!!!

I love this set! It would be SO much fun to play with!

I love this dress! I would love to have it, I would have so much fun!
And her swimsuit, I love it but my absolute favorite piece is the hat!

So thats Emily's collection! I give her collection an A+! I loved every piece  of her collection! What was your favorite piece?
Next Up: Mckenna!



Thrift Shop Wednesday!!!

Ok, today I got a new doll! And I want you to guess the company! I'll give you a hint: The company name is three words! First one to guess it gets an award!


What I Think Of Nicki Fleming!!!

I personally LOVE Nicki!!! Note: All pictures are from AG Playthings!

Ten-year-old Nicki Fleming is a natural with animals. She’s also compassionate, dependable... and very busy! But when Nicki is asked to train Sprocket the pup as a service dog, she must decide how many tasks she can juggle—and which are most important.
Don't you just love her? I love her outfit too!

Ok, this is probably my favorite outfit in Nicki's collection! I especially love the pink pants under her chaps!
I LOVE her straw hat but I think it should have come with her.
I am SO loving this outfit! Especially the shorts, they look so real! 
Jackson is pretty nice but I think AG could have done a little better with his face.
ADORABLE! I LOVE horses so Nicki is one of my favorite GOTYs!
I really like Sprocket a LOT and I think a service dog was a really good idea!
I LOVE this outfit! The skirt looks so light and breezy the shirt is gorgeous and the shoes are adorable!
Actually this might be my favorite outfit! I like the gloves and vest the most!

I love the ski wear but now that I look at it I think that AG copied Nicki's to make the new ones.

I give Nicki an A+! I really love all of her collection and hope that someday I may find her on eBay!
Next Up: Emily!



What I Think Of Molly McIntire!!!

Ok, so here this is from American Girl:

Molly McIntire®

Jefferson, Illinois, 1944

During World War Two, many families worried about loved ones who were overseas. Like those families, Molly is waiting for her father to return from his duties as a doctor in the army. With the help of Emily, her English friend, Molly learns to hold on to hope and pull together for the common good.

So I personally LOVE Molly and Emily and I love the books, and I love the movie! Also these pictures are off of American Girl, American Girl Playthings, and American Girl Wiki. Note: This is going to be a very long post because Molly has a TON of stuff so prepare yourself!!! Bet you didn't even know some of these things existed!!!

Isn't Molly just beautiful? I love her so much, but my friend has her so I don't want to have the same doll.
I actually have Mini Molly and I can really recommend her, she's pretty and
her clothes look just like the ones on the real doll!

Molly's accessories are beautiful, a handkerchief with her name embroidered on it, a little red purse, a locket, a picture of Molly's dad to glue inside, a beret, and a little coin!

Molly's Hula Costume Number 1. I love it!

Molly's Hula Costume Number 2. I love it, so cute!
Molly has my total favorite collection of all the AGs! Isn't this dress cute?
Molly's Lunch Number 1. I love the little oreo and the pear!
Number 2. I can't decide which version I like better, paper bag or lunchbox!

Number 3. This set is exactly the same except it has a full sandwich instead of a half.
One of the cutest sets! I love the bag with her name on it, the binder, the pencil and eraser,
 the schoolbook, and the flashcards!
SO CUTE!!! I love the pencil groove in the top and I love how in the description it says:
"The seat swivels so she can make a quick getaway for recess!"
Molly's Christmas Dress 1. So cute!
Christmas Dress 2. Um it looks just like the first one.
 Christmas Box Number 1. I actually like it better then the second one, the doll and snowglobe are more historically accurate then the second one.
Christmas Box Number 2. This set is pretty cute, I still like the first one better though.
 Stocking Number 1. I like this better then the second one because the doll looks more "Molly".
Number 2. See what I mean? This ballerina looks more dainty while Molly is more energetic and fun!
I LOVE THIS!!! My dad collects old radios and this is so real looking and historically accurate!!!
This outfit is so CUTE!!! I love the balloon and the crown!
Bennett, SO CUTE!!! He looks so friendly and fluffy!!!
I love these chairs but their not really my favorite part of Molly's collection,
I do love how the table folds up to make more room though!

These chairs are adorable, I wish I had them!
This set is AWESOME! I love the little silverware and the patriotic napkins!
Party Treats Number. Really cute!!!
Party Treats Number 2. Still cute but is there any difference between Number 1 and Number 2?
This set is SO adorable!!! You could have SO much fun with it!!!
Camp Gowonagain Uniform Number 1. AWESOME! 

Camp Gowonagain Uniform Number 2. Um exactly the same as Number 1.

So adorable!!!
I love the pots and pans, the flashlight, the sit-upon, the newspaper, the compass, and the shoulder bag!!!
This capture the flag kit it SO cute! I just wouldn't really want the can full of spiders and stuff.

The description is so cute! "Since Molly can't bring Bennett to camp she brings some camp back to him!"
I love how Molly uses her dad's old sleeping bag and I love the duffel bag!!!

I LOVE Molly's tent! Just imagine how much fun you could have with it!!!

I would love to have this set! So totally cute and it would work perfectly
for actually taking your doll out in the rain!!!

Miss Victory Set Number 1. This set is like one of my FAVORITE Molly pieces!!! It comes with pretend eardrops (AWWW), a little box of tissues, a kaleidoscope, little army nurse paper dolls,
an alarm clock that really works, a “Hurray for the U.S.A.” poster, and the Miss Victory
outfit! For only (drumroll please) $20!!!!!!

Miss Victory Set Number 2. Well, its still cute but compared to the first one its kinda boring.

Miss Victory Set Number 3. It still looks a bit like a rip-off compared to the first one but to me the colors look a little brighter then the second one but maybe thats just the pictures. Anyway I can really recommend it because one of my friends has it and its REALLY pretty in real life!!!

I LOVE THIS!!! It looks so amazingly well built and seriously think of all the fun you could have! It does look like it would be a bit crowded up on stage though but I mean if you have like two dolls it would be fine!
These look like SO much fun with the little popcorn, the velvet theater seats,
the licorice whips, and the movie tickets!
This is like one of the most detailed sets AG has made! Because seriously, a little hairdryer? Some curlers and bobby pins? A hair-net? And everything else you need to curl hair in real life?! Who wouldn't love that?!
I love this suitcase! So awesome and it looks spacious too!!!
Cool? Not really much to say about doll underwear.

I really like Molly's pajamas! So "Mollyish"!

And her robe is awesome and her slippers look so comfy!

Molly's Bed 1. I like it but it looks a little plain.

Molly's Bed 2. Yes! I like this version a lot more then Number 1!

Its really cute, I love how it matches her bed!!

Nighttime Necessities Number 1. I like the lamp and the hot water bottle but I LOVE the Nancy Drew!
Because I actually read Nancy Drews!!!

Nighttime Necessities Number 2. I think I like this set better then Number 1 because of the flowers on the lamp and the alarm clock!

I like this, but it just seems that Molly wouldn't really use a vanity table, she would have a dresser with a her hairbrush on it, her sister Jill would be the one to have a vanity table.

I really like this! I like the mirrors on it and all the drawers.

I love this piece, you would get so much fun out of it!

I think this looks kind of useless, can't you just cut your own ribbons?

I think that this was a great idea because what if you lose one of Molly's shoes? Just buy the shoes and socks set! Well, I guess you would probably just buy a pair on eBay! :)

I love this outfit! And the description is so funny: "Whether she’s raking leaves or planting turnips (Yuk!) in the Victory Garden, she’ll be comfortable."

Meh, I don't really like these.

I really like this outfit! And I really love all the little tennis gear!

This bike is awesome! I would have SO much fun with it! And I love the bike basket!

This set is so cool! I love the jacket and shoes and the pants are pretty nice but
I'm not the hugest fan of the cap.
I love this dress! I really, really love the hat and the dress is adorable!

I like the flag in this but it doesn't seem that hard to make. I LOVE the camera and the mule bank though!

This dress is SO GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE this dress SO much!!! Its SO pretty!

This outfit would be a LOT of fun to have!!! I especially love the canteen!!! 
Oh I LOVE these boots! They would be perfect to go with almost any outfit!!!

I really, really like this swimsuit! And I love the print on the towel and the little beachball!!!

I would love to own this chair, I can see tons of photo stories and fun waiting to happen with it!!!

I don't really like this outfit, it just looks kind of goofy to me! :)
I LOVE THE ROLLER SKATES!!! They would be so much fun! But only if the wheels actually turned.

Oh, this outfit is so gorgeous! The sweater looks warm and cozy but I think it should include
some tights, because if they don't she's going to FREEZE!!!

I love the skates! And the earmuffs! But the muff I'm not so sure about, I don't think you
would actually be able to put both her hands in.

Oh this dress is so pretty! I love the shoes! I almost want this dress for me! :)

This is an awesome set! I love every piece of it!

This looks like the perfect back to school outfit! The skirt and sweater look so cozy!

This dress is really pretty, though I don't like it quite as much as the Victory Garden Dress.

Well, that was Molly's collection! Did you like it? Did you discover anything in her collection you hadn't seen before? Overall I give Molly's collection a solid A+! She has my favorite collection of every AG there is!!!
Next up: Nicki!