What I think about Caroline Abbott!

Ok, so starting off I think Caroline is really pretty but, those curls, I'd be really afraid to do anything to her hair! And this is from American Girl:
As the War of 1812 begins, so does the story of Caroline Abbott's bravery. She loves sailing with her father, but when he's captured, Caroline must help keep the family's shipyard running. When she sees a chance to rescue her father, Caroline discovers that she must use her mind and heart to guide her decisions.
So I think that the war of 1812 was a really good year to make a historical! Personally I wouldn't buy Caroline because of her hair but if you have had experience with a curly haired doll it would probably be fine!

The drawings are beautiful!
 I LOVE Caroline's meet dress! It is very historicly accurate and SO pretty!
Caroline's eyes are gorgeous, so unique and pretty!
I will definitely read Caroline's books when they come to the library, they look exciting and adventurous!
I love Caroline's mini doll! I might consider buying it, though I'm not quite sure about those curls!
Ok I LOVE Caroline's parlour but $300? I think it would be better at maybe $200. It seems to come with a LOT of really cool little accessories like a ship in a bottle and a little horse figurine!

 Caroline's nightgown is really pretty but the slippers look flimsy to me, I do love the flower design though!

I really like Caroline's travel outfit, it seems to be so accurate and I LOVE the design!!!
 Caroline's birthday gown, well I don't know, it is kind of pretty but it just doesn't appeal to me.
 I LOVE this! The dress is my favorite color the pattern is gorgeous and it comes with a braided hairband so you don't have to mess up the dolls hair trying to do that style, I'm not sure about the gloves though.
MY ABOSOLUTE FAVORITE CAROLINE PIECE!!! I LOVE this outfit! Every single piece of it and I am going to hunt for one on eBay!!!
 Caroline's bed is really pretty and nice but I'm kinda so-so about the bedding.
 Well to be honest it's just a $150 hunk of plastic. Like have you seen the Caroline commercial? the girl is just pushing it in circles. Fun right? Not, like I heard that in the books it wasn't even named Miss Caroline!

I really like this set, it looks really nice on the doll!
 Um, honestly its like a total copy of Felicity's table and chairs.
 I LOVE this set and I really want it! The food look realistic, not stuck together and plasticy, the basket is an awesome accesory and I LOVE the map! Like its embriodered!!!

I love the little silverware and the pitcher with the ship painted on!!!

 This looks very fun!
 This looks fun too!
Inkpot looks a lot like Licorice. 
 Personally I love this set, especially the little top and the bag with Caroline Abbott 1812 on it!

 Love it but I think it should come with Caroline's coat and cap!

Overall I give Caroline's collection a A- or maybe a B+ because it had some faults like the boat and the table and chairs and Inkpot (who is very cute but looks like Licorice) but all in all she is gorgeous and she has a lot of very nice pieces!!!



  1. Please look at the new post for American Girl Academey, it gives more info

  2. You shouldn't worry about the mini doll. I recently purchases mini caroline, and she is so adorable. You will love her! She has waves, not curls, still adorable though.


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