What I Think Of Nicki Fleming!!!

I personally LOVE Nicki!!! Note: All pictures are from AG Playthings!

Ten-year-old Nicki Fleming is a natural with animals. She’s also compassionate, dependable... and very busy! But when Nicki is asked to train Sprocket the pup as a service dog, she must decide how many tasks she can juggle—and which are most important.
Don't you just love her? I love her outfit too!

Ok, this is probably my favorite outfit in Nicki's collection! I especially love the pink pants under her chaps!
I LOVE her straw hat but I think it should have come with her.
I am SO loving this outfit! Especially the shorts, they look so real! 
Jackson is pretty nice but I think AG could have done a little better with his face.
ADORABLE! I LOVE horses so Nicki is one of my favorite GOTYs!
I really like Sprocket a LOT and I think a service dog was a really good idea!
I LOVE this outfit! The skirt looks so light and breezy the shirt is gorgeous and the shoes are adorable!
Actually this might be my favorite outfit! I like the gloves and vest the most!

I love the ski wear but now that I look at it I think that AG copied Nicki's to make the new ones.

I give Nicki an A+! I really love all of her collection and hope that someday I may find her on eBay!
Next Up: Emily!


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  1. I love Nicki! If I had to choose what dol would be most like me it would be Nicki because... (1 She loves animals (2 she tries to do too many tasks (3 I have the exact same hair color, well maybe just a tad darker (4 I have freckles (5 she loves cowboy boots and hats! I LOVEEE western wear! It's so cute!!


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