Who Next, and a Clue!!!

UPDATED- Here is two more clues! The only plastic part on her is her head, and the brand name doesn't have the word dolls in it! Please guess!!!

Ok, so once again I need suggestions for what AG to do a post on next! Remember I can do historical, GOTY, and Best Friend! Also I have already done posts on Caroline, Molly, Nicki, Emily, and Mckenna!
And moving on, I am giving you another clue to who I bought on Wednesday! So, you already know that the brand is three words so now here is your second clue: She isn't jointed! Remember I don't bite! So go ahead and guess who I got or tell me what AG you'd like to see a post on next!



  1. How about one on Kit? AND WHAT DOLL DID YOU GET? Is it an 18inch? Are you still going to get an AG?

    1. Ok I'll do Kit soon, I can't say what doll but she is 17 inches and yes I am still getting an AG!!!


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