Some AGs I made On Picmonkey!

Here are some AGs I made on Picmonkey! Enjoy!
From Caroline to:

Spooky Caroline Halloween!

From Emily to:

Modern Emily!

From this Felicity to:

This Felicity!

From Kirsten to:

Kirsten in pink!

From Kit to:

This very different Kit!

From this Lanie to:

This Lanie!

And from Samantha to:

This Samantha!

This is just some examples of what I can do for Create-A-Dolls! Be sure to ask me for one in the post below!!!


1 comment:

  1. Name or Screen Name: Del
    Doll (MAG, GOTY, Best Friend, or Historical): MAG 13
    Freckles (I can remove them or add them): yes please!
    Hair color: dark brown or black, whichever is easiest!
    Eye color: Dark brown
    Shirt color: Lime Green
    Streaks or highlights: browns:)
    Lip color: normal

    Can you add text to the picture too? If not, I understnad! But if you can, I'd like it so say: Riley <3 in bold, turquoise letters:) I'm sorry if this is too hard!


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