What I Think Of Emily Bennett!!!

Emily is so awesome! She is probably my favorite Best Friend character! Note: All pictures from AG Playthings!

Emily Bennett®, is an English girl who comes to stay with Molly McIntire’s family to escape the bombing of London during World War Two. Although they are from very different worlds, lively Molly and sweet, shy Emily soon discover that they have a lot in common. Both girls are fascinated by the English princesses, both girls love dogs, and both girls worry about loved ones in England.
When misunderstandings lead to trouble, Emily and Molly finally realize that true friendship comes from being brave enough to be

I LOVE Emily!!! Her gorgeous red hair, her sweet face, and her awesome dress! 
I love her accessories! I love the little white cardigan, dog tags, coin, scrapbook with pictures of her family and the princesses in it, and her ration book!
This is probably my favorite outfit in Emily's collection! This outfit would be so much fun to have!
I really like this outfit! Especially the coat and mittens! 
I LOVE this sled!!! It looks so fun and Christmasy!

I adore this! I love the print and if I had Emily I would want these pajamas!

Ok, actually if I had Emily I would want the pajamas and these robe and slippers!

Yank is SO cute! I would HAVE to have him if I had Emily!

Isn't this outfit just divine? I love the frilly socks, and the dress and well, everything!!!

I love this set! It would be SO much fun to play with!

I love this dress! I would love to have it, I would have so much fun!
And her swimsuit, I love it but my absolute favorite piece is the hat!

So thats Emily's collection! I give her collection an A+! I loved every piece  of her collection! What was your favorite piece?
Next Up: Mckenna!



  1. Emily's my all time favorite doll. I love her so much! I used to not like her much because I couldn't do her hair so I used to just stick her in my closet, but now, I know what an A+!
    My favorite outfit is that dress! I've been hunting for it on eBay, I love it!

  2. DollyGirl, i just wanted to tell you, I am just like you. I love dolls, I'm a horse LOVER!, and I also REALLY like taylor swift. Wow!


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