Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year guys! It's been an amazing year, and I'm super grateful to all of you. Thanks!

-Dollygirl (on an iPad so I can't use my signature)


Thrift Store (and Dollar Store) Finds!

Hi! I found some fun finds for dolls at a dollar store and a thrift store, so I thought I'd share what I got with you! It's just like Thrift Store Wednesday!!!

First comes the dollar store stuff. I got this pots and pans set for only $1! Everything is perfectly sized for my dolls except for the fork.

And these next 4 photos are all doll food I got in two packs for only a dollar each! First is spaghetti and fish sticks, which are a bit big, but they work.

Next we have pizza pockets, frosted flakes, some yogurt cereal, two types of crackers, and some cake!

And here we have cookies and ice cream which are a bit big, and some pizza!

And and then there's these eggs which came in trays. They're the perfect size!

I also got a Ty Girlz doll for $2.

And now for the thrift store item.

Drum roll please....

I got.....

A new doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She's a 21 inch vintage doll from the 80s! She's so cute! I actually gave her a makeover, and I took pictures, so expect a post about that soon! She's from a collection called "Always Sisters" which you can find more about here. The one I got is named Blair, but I'm going to be renaming her!

Well, that wraps up my post. I did take photos of my Christmas stuff, so I'll post photos of that soon. In the meantime.......

Please enter! It's a writing contest that my friend Jordy and I put together. I made the prizes, and their pretty awesome if I do say so myself! :D

Craft: Make a 2014 Sign!!!

Hi guys! I thought I'd post a cute craft I made today. A 2014 sign!

Here's the overview. I just cut numbers out of paper, and then I used hot glue to attach my favorite craft supplies.

The number 2 has yarn, pliers, and a clear container for storing bits and pieces.

The side of the container.

The 0 has Duck Tape, Mod Podge, and beads!

The 1 has one of my favorite pencils, and a piece of felt.

And the 4 has a glue stick and a piece of ribbon.

I hope you enjoyed my craft today, get creative and make your own! :D


New Awards Up In Hall Of Fame!!!

Hey guys, sorry I haven't told you what I got for Christmas yet, but I've been pretty busy, so I'll have them up as soon as I can! Also, just so you know, there are new awards up in the Hall Of Fame! Congrats to NatKaya, Hannah Chu, and Eunice Zhang! Go grab your awards! Oh, and if anyone want to design my blog for the winter, comment down below with a link to your design site/page! Bye! :D


Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys, Merry Christmas! I'm just quickly popping in to say I hope you're having an amazing day! I'll tell you what I got tomorrow! Merry Christmas!!! :D


Its Crissy's Birthday!!!

Hello everyone! Crissy here, reporting live from....MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, it's my birthday! I've already received tons of great gifts, including a beautiful dress! I hope you all have a really good day, and Dollygirl will probably have a Merry Christmas post up tomorrow, and some more after Christmas! Thanks for reading my post! BYE!!! :D :D :D

 (:Crissy :)


My Wishlist!!!

Hi! Here's my wishlist, but please remember, this is a WISHlist, I'm NOT expecting to get all this stuff!

This is number one on my wishlist! It's a book with tips on how to take care of your doll's hair, and it comes with a DVD with more tips, an AG hairbrush, an AG hair pick, an misting bottle, and a whole bunch of scrunchies and stuff! 

I love Saige, but I don't think I'll get her because she's not really on eBay.

I would love to get Josefina, and she's on eBay, but I did just get Taryn so I don't think my parents will want to get me another doll, they think I have too many! xD

I want a Flutterby Fairy doll because I find it sooooo cool that they actually fly through the air!

I would like an Ever After High doll, but it's not on the top of my list.

I really want Taryn's snowsuit!!! I love the colors and how realistic it is!

I also would like to get the Maplelea Snuggle Boots! They're so cute!

And these adorable Maplelea rainboots!

And of course, Taryn has been begging for her dog! Boulder is stunning! :)

I'd also love to get some AG books, like this one.

And I adore this charm bracelet kit!

I want a Build-A-Bear giftcard so I can get My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Fluttershy!

And an Old Navy giftcard. I LOVE THEIR CLOTHES!!!

I want to get Taryn's bedding, too!

And I would love a subscription to AG Magazine!

Any My Little Pony stuff...

Decorative pillows (I'm redecorating my room)...

I actually got a Rainbow Loom a month or two ago, and I'm out of bands so I'd love some more bands!

I really want a case for my iPod Touch, this owl one is awesome!

And I am OBSESSED with painting my nails, so I'd love some more nail polish!

I love Taryn's tent, it's so detailed!

And what can I say, Zelfs are cute! xD

I'd like to get some more posters for my room.

And HEXBUGs have always fascinated me xD

And last but not least, an eos lipbalm! 

Hope you liked my wishlist! Whats on your wishlist this year? Comment down below and tell me! I really appreciate all of your comments, and I read them all! By the way, can you believe that it's two days until Christmas? Tomorrow is Crissy's birthday, so I'll be sure to do a post for her! Talk to you later! :D

Follow The Doll Wardrobe!!!

Hey guys, just a quick post to tell you to please go follow The Doll Wardrobe! Click here. Thanks! :D


Springfield Purchases!!!

Hey guys! Recently my Micheals Arts and Crafts store had a 40% off all Springfield items, so I picked up a few Christmas presents for my dolls! (All pictures from the Springfield Website.)

I got these white tights as a family present (minus Crissy, because she's smaller), but I think Samantha will end up wearing them the most!

And I got these AWESOME leopard print flats, and I'm going to give them to Taryn because she loves animals!

And then I got these brown glasses for Samantha! My one friend had the American Girl brown glasses, and she loaned them to me, and I put them on Samantha and she looked amazing! So since these are really similar, I decided to get them for her!

And this one I actually didn't buy, my friend gave it to me for a Christmas present! I put it on Samantha, and she looks so stunning! I'll post some photos after Christmas!

I'll do reviews of them all after Christmas! Which is in three days! Can you believe it?! :D


I''m Sick...

Hey guy, sorry I haven't been posting lately, but I've been preparing for Christmas (aka buying gifts, wrapping gifts, decorating, etc.)! I did manage to get my doll's Christmas tree up, so I'll be taking pictures of that hopefully tomorrow, but I was really hoping to get some posts up today. And then I got sick. :(
So my sister who is normally at university is coming home tonight so I'm hoping to spend time with her if I'm feeling better, and I'm also working on redecorating my bedroom. So, hopefully I'll post tomorrow! Thanks I don't want people doing WITOs anymore, and if you haven't yet, PLEASE help me spread the word by asking people to stop whenever you see them doing it and linking to this post. Well, Merry Week-Until-Christmas! :)