Thrift Store (and Dollar Store) Finds!

Hi! I found some fun finds for dolls at a dollar store and a thrift store, so I thought I'd share what I got with you! It's just like Thrift Store Wednesday!!!

First comes the dollar store stuff. I got this pots and pans set for only $1! Everything is perfectly sized for my dolls except for the fork.

And these next 4 photos are all doll food I got in two packs for only a dollar each! First is spaghetti and fish sticks, which are a bit big, but they work.

Next we have pizza pockets, frosted flakes, some yogurt cereal, two types of crackers, and some cake!

And here we have cookies and ice cream which are a bit big, and some pizza!

And and then there's these eggs which came in trays. They're the perfect size!

I also got a Ty Girlz doll for $2.

And now for the thrift store item.

Drum roll please....

I got.....

A new doll!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She's a 21 inch vintage doll from the 80s! She's so cute! I actually gave her a makeover, and I took pictures, so expect a post about that soon! She's from a collection called "Always Sisters" which you can find more about here. The one I got is named Blair, but I'm going to be renaming her!

Well, that wraps up my post. I did take photos of my Christmas stuff, so I'll post photos of that soon. In the meantime.......

Please enter! It's a writing contest that my friend Jordy and I put together. I made the prizes, and their pretty awesome if I do say so myself! :D


  1. I love your new doll! She's so pretty! Nice finds!

  2. youre so lucky doll food and pots and pans stuff are so hard to find for good prices!

    1. I know! I was basically hopping up and down in the middle of Dollarama!

  3. You did great Dollygirl! I love your doll, she's super pretty! She might make a good older sister for Sam.


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