Springfield Purchases!!!

Hey guys! Recently my Micheals Arts and Crafts store had a 40% off all Springfield items, so I picked up a few Christmas presents for my dolls! (All pictures from the Springfield Website.)

I got these white tights as a family present (minus Crissy, because she's smaller), but I think Samantha will end up wearing them the most!

And I got these AWESOME leopard print flats, and I'm going to give them to Taryn because she loves animals!

And then I got these brown glasses for Samantha! My one friend had the American Girl brown glasses, and she loaned them to me, and I put them on Samantha and she looked amazing! So since these are really similar, I decided to get them for her!

And this one I actually didn't buy, my friend gave it to me for a Christmas present! I put it on Samantha, and she looks so stunning! I'll post some photos after Christmas!

I'll do reviews of them all after Christmas! Which is in three days! Can you believe it?! :D


  1. Cool! I love the pink dress the most!

  2. Cool stuff, can't wait to see more photos.

  3. Cool! Please post more photos of them on your dolls!


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