Happy Halloween!

Hey guys! Happy Halloween! There will be a photo story coming soon and pictures of my dolls' costumes! Sadly, here the weather is horrible. It's pouring rain and fairly windy so I may not be able to go trick or treating! :(


AG IS COMING TO CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

American Girl is coming to Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To Toronto! Well, I do live a few hours away from Toronto, but it's WAY closer then America!!!! Not to mention that I have an Indigo gift card!!! And if I order online, the shipping will be cheaper then from America! I'm soooooooooo excited!!! :D


A couple of amazing girls...

Hey guys! There are two really amazing girls who haven't been getting too much traffic on their blogs lately, so I thought I'd give them a little shoutout! They are super sweet, so go check them out now! NOW! xD

Mika has an AWESOME blog! She writes about all kinds of stuff! Go check it out! A Journalist's Journey!

Hannah has an AWESOME blog too! She posts about dolls, and she's always having great giveaways! The Super Dollies!

Now, go check these blogs out! COMMENT. FOLLOW THEM. THAT'S AN ORDER! xD


Photostory-The Big Mess!!!

Hey guys! Here's a photostory for you to enjoy! I worked really hard on it (it was easy to create a fake mess, all I had to do was throw doll clothes and other things everywhere, but REALLY hard to clean up. It took an hour!), so PLEASE don't steal my pictures! Thank you. Now on to the story...

The Big Mess

Kit: Ah, I'm back from summer camp! I can't wait to see my friends again!


Kit: W-what happened?

Kit: It's a disaster area!

Kit: Samantha! Samantha!

Samantha: Huh? Oh, hey Kit, how was camp?

Kit: Camp was fine, but what I want to know is what happened in here! It's a pig sty! And why are you in my bed? You have your own room!

Kit: There are clothes everywhere...

Kit: Stray kittens...

Kit: Old moldy food...

Kit: And everybody is snoozing, while wearing random outfits, and using clothes for blankets!

Samantha: Oh, um, I guess we just kind of...uh...forgot to put things away...and threw things on the floor. Oh well, whatever. It doesn't matter!

Kit: It does so matter!

Kit: Troops, I have gathered you here today to take on a grand mission...

Kit: We are going to clean this room!

Crissy: Ew, everything's gross and dirty!

Kit: Yeah, well you should have all thought of that before dumping all of your stuff on the floor! Now who's with me?

All: I am!!!

Crystal: Let's do this!

Kit: Ok, let's move move move!

Abby started to shoo away the stray kittens...

While Samantha made the beds...

Kit picked up clothes...

Crissy picked up toys...

Taryn sorted the games...

and Crystal picked up papers and books!

After Abby shooed away the kittens, she started to pick up food.

Kit: Hey look! I found a cat costume! Cool! I'm going to use it for Halloween!

Taryn: And look! I found My Money! I love that game! It's been lost for ages!

Kit: Hey Samantha, I see you up there, no naps!

Crissy: Ewwww, this is disgusting! There's chips all over the floor!

Eventually they got everything cleaned up though!

Kit: Yay!!!

Kit: It's so CLEAN!

Kit: Thank goodness! Don't you agree girls?

Kit: Girls? Oh well! Let them rest! They deserve it!

Whew! That took a lot of effort, so I hope you guys like it! Comment below and tell me what your favorite part was!


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!!

Hey guys! I just wanted to wish you a Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Here in Canada, it's Thanksgiving! Ok, now here's some updates:

-I will be posting an awesome photo story VERY soon
-I will be posting some random doll pictures I took over the summer soon
-I will be posting reviews of my new Maplelea stuff soon

Yay! Now you have some stuff to look forward to! I will be working on the photo story as soon as a finish posting this, so it will be up VERY soon!


My Maplelea Stuff Came!!!!!!!!

Hi guys! This is just a quick update to tell you that my Maplelea stuff came! It's soooo cute! I'll take photos when I can! Bye!



Hi guys! I've got so much to tell you guys! The winner of the giveaway should be up soon, as well as some other photos but anyway, I won a giveaway!!! I won a doll swimsuit, sandals, and headband. They're so cute! I got them like a week or so ago, and I'll take photos of them soon! Anyways, I ordered some stuff from Maplelea! According to Canada Post, they should be here tomorrow! But here's some stock photos for you to look at:

I got the backpack! I can't wait to take Taryn everywhere in this! I've always wanted a backpack that I could carry my dolls in!

And I got this ADORABLE fall outfit! It's called Close Knit, and it includes a long-sleeved green shirt with embroidery, a knitted cardigan, and jeans with flower appliques that Taryn crocheted!

I got this biking helmet because I LOVE biking and I'm hoping to figure out a way to make a bike for my dolls! Also, I'd like to take her along (in my new Maplelea backpack of course!) when I'm biking and it would be so cute if she was wearing a helmet too!

I also got this set of three shoes! It's called Shimmery Shoes, and it includes shiny pink flats with fake gems, white Mary-Janes with bejewelled straps, and purple satiny flats with little bows! They're sooooo cute! 

And I got the Sunshine Shoes, I've had my eye on these for a while, and I decided to get them to match the Close Knit outfit!

I can't wait til' they come! I'll post pictures either on the weekend or sometime next week!