I Made a Video!!!

Hey guys! I made my first video! It's of my dolls "doing" The Cup Song! Enjoy, and please let me know if it doesn't work. Also, one last thing: THIS VIDEO IS COPYRIGHT DOLLYGIRL'S TREASURES 2013. IF YOU STEAL THIS OR THE IDEA (WHICH IS 100% ORIGINAL) I WILL SEND MY MONSTERS TO COME STEAL ALL OF YOUR DOLLS. THANK YOU. (Sorry about the huge copyright thing, it's just I came up with this, it's completely original, and I love this video. It would make me very mad if someone stole it or used the idea. Thank you.)

I hope you guys like it! I apologize for the bad lighting, and I'm not a very good singer, and I also just learned The Cup Song, so no nasty comments please. Also, I know it's not "two bottle of Pepsi for the way" but I wanted the video to be ok for younger kids to watch.


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