And The Winner Is (giveaway winners)...

Hi girls! Today I am announcing the winners of the giveaway, so here we have the lovely Kit to draw 3 names!

Kit says hello to the lovely blogging world!

Here are all of the names!

I put them in a container, and Kit closed her eyes, and picked one!

Oh, the suspense! Who could it be?

Congratulations Toygirl02!!!!!!!!! You have won 1st place in Dollygirl's Treasures' first giveaway! You have won a unique and customised collage made specially by me to fit your personality for the side of your blog!!! Please tell me which of my dolls you would like to have in your collage, what colors, and what symbols (hearts, flowers, soccer balls, etc.)! Please comment all of this.

And in second place...we have Amaya!!! Congrats! You have won the deluxe shout-out! I will be posting it very soon!

And in third, we have Autumn!!! YAY!!! You have won the regular shout-out! I will be posting it very soon also!!!

Thanks so much for entering everyone! I hope to maybe get a sponsor soon for a blog design or something. Then I can have another giveaway! If you are interested in sponsoring me for something virtual (like a blog design, blog button, award, guest post, etc.) then please comment below! Also, I'm sorry for posting this so late! Once again, thanks for entering!!!


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