More AG Loans!!!

Happy Good Friday!!! Today I went over to my friend's and she and I traded in the riding outfit (don't worry, I got lots of pictures of it!) for...
This whole outfit!

The pink corderoy pants, and the suede pants that go over them!

Emily's tap outfit, minus the socks and hat!

And this outfit, minus the ski poles, snowshoes, and headband! Except they couldn't find the boots so they loaned me ones without fur at the top! They also loaned me a gorgeous handmade dress! I'll take pictures soon!

The friends I'm talking about are Cate and her little sister. Check out Cate's new blog here! She would love it if you entered her contest!


  1. Cool! Could you take pictures of Emily's tap outfit please? Thanks!

  2. They are so cute!! Sorry I have not been commenting here or anywhere! :( I was camping this whole week and had no internet connection!!!!! :(

    1. I know! I have the afternoon off school so I'll take pictures of everything! Either tonight or tomorrow morning I have to return them!


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