Interview With Cate!!!!!

Hey! Today I'm interviewing my friend Cate! She has a MAG #35 that she named Lizzie!!! Her little sister has Nicki! Cate will be starting a dolls/cooking/crafts blog soon! I will give you guys a link when she does! Now here's the interview:

Dollygirl: How many AG dolls do you have and which ones?
Cate: I have one AG doll, and my sister has another. I have a MAG #35 named Lizzie and my sister has Nicki.

Dollygirl: What is the next AG you want to get?
Cate: I think I would like to get one with long, easy to style hair!

Dollygirl: Do you like any other dolls?
Cate: I like Ellowynes!

Dollygirl: Do you have any non AG 18 inch dolls?
Cate: No.

Dollygirl: Besides AG, what's your favorite doll brand?
Cate: Maplelea! Oh and Ellowynes!

Dollygirl: What do you like to see most on blogs?
Cate: More photo contests!

Dollygirl: What inspired you to want to start a blog?
Cate: Your blog!!! I never realized how much fun blogs were until I saw yours!!!

Dollygirl: What's your advice for people just starting a blog?
Cate: I wouldn't know, that's me!

Dollygirl: What is one word you'd use to describe AG?
Cate: Can I use two? Beautifully Detailed!

Dollygirl: Do you find AG affordable?
Cate: NO!!!

Dollygirl: Who do you think is the best doll AG has ever released?
Cate: I actually like quite a few: Josephina, Rebecca, MAG #35 (of course), Caroline  and Elizabeth! Wow that's quite a few :)

Dollygirl: Do you recommend your dolls?
Cate: Yes!!!  They are awesome.

Dollygirl: If you saw an AG doll at a thrift store or Goodwill, what would you do?
Cate: Depends on the condition. I would love to have one but I already have one and I think I would leave it there for a less fortunate kid to have. (I would have a hard time leaving the doll there though)

Dollygirl: Do you enjoy blogging?
Cate: Well I think I will!!!

Dollygirl: What is your favorite thing to do with your dolls?
Cate: I love dressing them up then doing photo-shoots!!

Thanks so much all powerful ruler of the universe! (Cate made me write that xD)



  1. Great interview!! :)

  2. Dollygirl,Are you feeling better? Let me know when you are! :D

    1. I'm feeling a lot better, thanks! Check it out, I just posted! :D


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