The Daily Doll - American Girl Kit Kittredge!!!

Hi guys! Just to let you know The Daily Doll will probably not be posted everyday, but I'll try!

Today's Daily Doll is Kit Kittredge!!!

The Basics On Kit:

Made by: American Girl
Size: 18 inches
Body type: Jointed soft body
Hair: Blond bob that's curled underneath
Eyes: Blue 
Face: Classic mold
Fits into: Pretty much any 18 inch doll clothes
Price: $110 from AG, but you can get her for much cheaper on eBay
Where to buy: American Girl, eBay
Recommended for: AG says 8 and up, but Kit has really manageable hair so I say 6 and up

And here is Miss Kit herself!

I recommend her 100%

I LOVE this picture!

My mom made her shirt and skirt, the shoes are from Springfield, and the hair clips are just ordinary clips!

She's tons of fun to play with!

She's super photogenic!

Her hair, it's really manageable!


"Hello World!"

"Oh hey Crissy, is that my lunch?"

A close-up of her pretty face!

She looks awesome in blue!

I love her SO much!!!!!!!!!

Kit is definitely my favorite doll that AG has ever made! I hope you liked this!!!


  1. She is so pretty! Could you do Abby sometime please?

  2. She is the next doll on my list! I am getting her for my b day for sure! I always get an AG doll for my b day!

    1. Awesome! You'll LOVE her!

    2. I know!!! I wish my b day was sooner!!!!!!!! :( My b day is in December! I can't wait to get her!!!


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