Easter Presents!!!

Hi guys! Today I went over to my friend's house and she had some big news! She and her little sister ADORE Saige, and they were going to enter the Saige contest on AG, they worked really hard on the pictures, and then saw that you can only enter if you live in America. So now they decided that their going to split the cost and buy Saige and share her!!! She also had some extra time recently, so she made me an Easter present! She made me a pink skirt, a lace belt/headband, a gorgeous midnight blue with sparkles dress, a pretty dress for Abby, and a dress that's exactly like one she loaned me! Thanks so much Cate!!!!!!!! And then, her little sister wanted to give me something, so she gave me Nellie's pajamas! Not for keeps though, but she said I can keep them for like a few months! And they loaned me a soccer outfit! I hope you guys have a very happy Easter! Remember the real reason we're celebrating, because Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins!


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