Hey guys! I need some help, I have a $25 Sears giftcard from my birthday that I don't know what to spend on! Here are some choices:

This is Lily, she's an 18 inch Newberry doll. She's $29.99

Here's Brooklyn, another 18 inch Newberry doll, Brooklyn is nice, but I want a doll who smiles xD She's $29.99

This is a swim team Barbie. Though I'm not as much into Barbies as I used to be, I still really like them (and have about 30 of them...don't call me spoiled, about 25 of them were from yard sales for 50 cents) and the fact that this one is a swimmer (and can actually swim! The dog can too!) kind-of draws me in, I'm taking swimming lessons and I think she would be fun to have! She's $29.99

I find Lalaloopsys so cute! I will either get this or make one from MyFroggyStuff's easy tutorial ( She is $29.99

I LOVED BRAVE!!! The only problem is this doesn't really look that much like Merida. She's $29.99

Here are the pros and cons:

Pros: She's so cute! Also I love her outfit and she doesn't look like any of my dolls!
Cons: Hmm...I would have to get her a bed. And I don't really have room for another bed. So I would probably keep her on a doll stand on my shelf at night. Plus I'm unsure about her hair. UPDATED: I cleaned a TON under my loft bed yesterday afternoon and I've got enough room for her bed and even some more furniture!

Pros: Pretty cute!
Cons: She doesn't smile.

Pros: A swimmer! She can actually swim! I love her goggles!
Cons: $29.99 for a Barbie?! In the words of Lotso Huggin' Bear, "She's a Barbie doll Ken, there's a hundred million just like her," Yeah, I'm not spending $29.99 on another blond, blue-eyed Barbie, when I'll eventually find a used one for 50 cents.

Pros: So cute!!!
Cons: She's kind-of expensive. Plus I could easily make my own.

Pros: I love Brave!
Cons: Doesn't look that much like Merida. Expensive too.

What do you guys think?! My mom thinks that I don't have room for another 18 inch doll so I'm going to have to try and find space...I need help!


  1. I think you should get Lillian!

  2. I think you should definitely get Lily! She is so cute and I love her outfit! If you have room for her, get her while you can!
    P.S. When are you going to post the WITO of Saige??

    1. Yeah, I'm really drawn to her! Soon, I'm so sorry!

  3. 18 inch doll. When in doubt, buy a doll.

  4. i thnk u shud gt lilly, she bttr
    Love: CutieGirl

    1. I'm going to ask my mom! And CutieGirl, I know you know how to spell, please don't use shortform on here!

      Note to readers: CutieGirl is my real life friend.

  5. I like Lilly best! She's really cute and I think she would be a great addition to your doll family. :) But you don't have too, just choose whichever doll you like best.
    Meg & the dolls of innerstar central

    1. Me too! I think I will! I'll ask my mom in the morning!

  6. Definitely Lily! She's so pretty and she reminds me of my friend Lisa.

  7. Lilly! your not spoiled i have about 86-92 barbies since i was like 3!

  8. I think you should get Lily or the lalaloopsy!!(sorry if I spell it wrong! :()


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