Pictures Of Holly Moose And The Cheetah!!!

Here are some pictures of Holly Moose and the Cheetah:

Meet Holly Moose! Isn't she ADORABLE?!

She has the sweetest little face!

I got this heart outfit in June!

The shoes! The way I found her was that I was starting to price a big bin of stuffed animals, and I saw one of these shoes! I saw the Build-A-Bear mark and started to get it out, I realized it was attached to something! Then I pulled Holly out and almost started screaming! A minute later when I pulled out the Cheetah, I was so happy! :D

The bow is attached to her head.

AWWWW! I love her soooo much!!!

Isn't that Cheetah adorable?! 

I wish I could keep him, but he's for my friend! Hopefully I'll find a Cheetah for me too!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!! I will have a post with pictures of my dolls' celebrating up tomorrow! And some new Caption That Doll Pictures and a photo story!!!


  1. Hey DollyGirl, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE my Cheetah, I cnt wait til u giv hm 2 me! I think I might nme hm Prince! U r my Bst Frnd! I LOVE u, cnt wait til our slpvr.
    LOL CutieGirl.

    1. Hey CutieGirl! Hmm...Prince is a good name, but I think it doesn't suit him that well, thanks! Me too! :D

      Note to readers: CutieGirl is the friend who I'm giving the Cheetah to! :)

  2. Cool! What thrift store do you go to?

    1. I go to an MCC thrift store, I'm not allowed to say the name but that might help, it's in Canada! :)


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