Interview With Janna-Mandy!!!

Hey! Today I'm doing an interview with.......Janna-Mandy from American Girl Reviews!

Dollygirl: How many AG dolls do you have and which ones?
Janna-Mandy: I have two. I have Addy and MAG #33.

Dollygirl: What is the next AG you want to get?
Janna-Mandy: Molly, MAG #44, Rebecca, Saige, Ivy, Ruthie

Dollygirl: Do you like any other dolls?
Janna-Mandy: Yes!!! I like Caroline and C├ęcile.

Dollygirl: Do you have any non AG 18 inch dolls?
Janna-Mandy: No. I used to have two old Tolly Tots but I gave them away. Still regretting that.

Dollygirl: Besides AG, what's your favorite doll brand?
Janna-Mandy: Springfield Collection or Our Generation.

Dollygirl: What do you like to see most on blogs?
Janna-Mandy: I love reviews and photostories.

Dollygirl: What inspired you to start your blog?
Janna-Mandy: The American Girl Fan website!!!

Dollygirl: What's your advice for people just starting a blog?
Janna-Mandy: Be you. If you aren't happy, neither will your readers be happy.

Dollygirl: What is one word you'd use to describe AG?
Janna-Mandy: Can I use 2? Pricy and epic.

Dollygirl: Do you find AG affordable?
Janna-Mandy: No!

Dollygirl: Who do you think is the best doll AG has ever released?
Janna-Mandy: Mia. She was the first doll I fell in love with.

Dollygirl: Do you recommend your dolls?
Janna-Mandy: Yes! Maybe not for younger kids, though.

Dollygirl: If you saw an AG doll at a thrift store or Goodwill, what would you do?
Janna-Mandy: Scream and run and get it.

Dollygirl: Do you enjoy blogging?
Janna-Mandy: Yep!!!

Dollygirl: What is your favorite thing to do with your dolls?
Janna-Mandy: Hair!!!

Thanks so much Janna-Mandy!!! Please everyone go check out her blog here!!! It's really awesome!


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