Awesome Giveaway!!!

Hey guys! Want to win a Isabelle shirt for your dolls? Click here! I'm definitely entering!!! :D

 photo rect3200_zpsdb5dedfa.png


  1. Hey girl!!! LOVE your new blog design!!!

  2. I'm having my 1st giveaway on my blog Please enter!
    -Eunice AG Fan Blog

  3. I am absolutely crazy for your new blog design, did you do it yourself? My Mum entered for me last night (the Isabelle giveaway) I really hope I win! I'd love to have that set for my dolls.

    And some horrible news…
    Melody got her hand chewed by the puppy today!!! It's not terribly disfigured, thankfully I found him with her in time, but she does have a number of small teeth marks. I need to try and find a replacement arm for her. I really with it hadn't happened :( :( :(

    1. Thanks! I am too! Actually, a really awesome designer did it for me. Good luck on the giveaway!
      I really hope you can find a replacement arm for Melody! That's horrible news!!! :(


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