I'M BACK!!!!!

Hey!!! So sorry I haven't posted I'm back now, with some exciting news. I've decided that I've kind of outgrown the screen name "Dollygirl" and the blog name "Dollygirl's Treasures". So I talked to my parents and they agreed to let me share my real name on here! :D So, meet me...............LYDIA! Yeah, my name is Lydia, I'm a 5'6 brunette with blue-green-gray-brown eyes and a love of dolls...nice to meet you! Sooooo of course this means I'm changing my blog name..I've got a couple vague ideas but I'd love to hear some suggestions from you! So please comment down below with some blog name ideas! TTYL! :)



  1. That's great! I've always liked the name Lydia. :) Are you going to show your face? I suggest something with alliteration because that works for everything. :) If you wanted to get a new blog design these are some great girls :)

    Hope this helped!
    Aliah :)
    P.S.Make sure to check out my blog because I am having a giveaway. :) Just search giveaway on the search gadget and it's the one with two etsy shop names. :)

    1. Thanks! No face for now...maybe later on though. Thanks, I'll check those out :)

  2. Awesome! I'm so happy you're back! And I love love LOVE the name Lydia by the way;)

  3. So happy you're back! Lydia is a great name btw :)


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