Thrift Store Wednesday!!!

Hey!!! Today at the thrift store I got this:

Isn't it cute? Its just the right scale for 18 inch dolls! As you can see it was 50 cents because it was new in the box but the box is kinda beat up and the pieces are falling out of place.
Waiting to be opened...

Cover off! Aren't they pretty?

I set up this little scene with them, I mostly bought them for the cutlery.

This is the pattern on the plates, saucers, and teapot!

And this is the decal on the cups, sugar bowl, and mik pitcher!

I love the silver with the red handles!

Another picture!

Today wasn't really much of a day until the end cause guess what I saw! An ADORABLE 18 inch doll sized rocking chair and park bench!!!!!!!!!! The bench was $10 but it was a kinda beat up so I'm waiting because the thrift store I go to tags all the items with colored tags so different weeks they have different colors that are half off so it had a green tag so I think green tags are 50% off next week so I'll wait till then! The rocking chair was $5 with a red tag so I'm going to wait until its red tag week because the rocking chair was adorable but I kinda just wanted to get a better deal on it and it was kind of hidden behind some teacups so I'm waiting till next week to get better deals!!!

Also here is the vase I bought last week, I put some cloth flowers I had in, isn't it cute?

I also thought you might want to see the nightstand I made for my dolls, its just some empty containers stacked up with a cloth I wove, an 18 inch doll sized iPhone I got in a three pack at Dollarama a while back (before I had a blog), and a minature alarm clock (it really works) I got as a present a while back!
And I thought you'd want to see "Crissy's Wall Of Grooviness"!!!

And the memory board from DD I made!!!

And the TV also from DD!!!



  1. Hi, I tagged you on my blog!

    1. Thanks! I'll do it as soon as I can!

  2. I love Crissy's wall of Grooviness! Hey, wasn't that from my 70s Party Play day on Doll Diaries? (w/ some help from Char). That is groovy!


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