Cabbage Patch Kid Pictures!!!

Hey guys! Thanks so much to Julie Ann Newman for reminding me that I didn't post pics of the Cabbage Patch Kid I got a while ago!!! So here you go guys:

Left to right: Pearl Blaire, Jennifer, and Victoria! Jennifer is my new one, Pearl Blaire I got for Christmas, and Victoria belongs to my sister. (my sisters blog name is Apprentice you can find her in my followers)

She has the cutest hairstyle, three braids done up in a ponytail on each side of the head!
She came wearing pink socks and blue shoes...
A pink plaid skirt...
An argyle print shirt and a blue jacket...
And a little pink plaid bow in her hair!

Her foot is a bit dirty and there is a small hole but as soon as I have some free time I'll clean it and mend it.
She also has some marks on her face but my dad says that he has some stuff that will take the marks but not the paint off.

Meet Pearl Blaire: I got her for Christmas 2011 from my grandpa. She is wearing the outfit she came in which is called "The Preppy Girl" outfit. It consists of an argle shirt with a white collar, a reddish-orange plaid skirt, white socks with an argyle print on the sides (you can't see it in this photo), and brown mary janes! Her hair came in this side ponytail with the orange ribbon on it!

Meet Victoria: As I already said she belongs to my sister Apprentice, and thats pretty much all I know about her! I think she came wearing an orange and green playsuit but I'm not positive! Right now she is wearing Abby's meet dress and a jacket from some other doll that I found, her hair is really pretty tan colored yarn with gold threads twisted in!
And another picture if Jennifer staring off into the distance... I named her Jennifer just because I liked it and it seemed to fit her!!!
A pic of them all in their nightgowns, my mom made Pearl Blaire's and the nightcap I think belonged to my mom, the nightgown Jennifer is wearing is a baby dress tied with a belt I crocheted and she's wearing the socks she came with, and I'm not sure about Victoria's except the socks are Pearl Blaire's! xD
A close up of the embroidered sunglasses on Jennifer's!
Yay! The photo shoot is over so we can have a pillow fight!!!

I hope you enjoyed my post and my pictures!

Pearl Blaire


  1. Cool Cabbage Patch dolls, DollyGirl!

    1. Thanks! And thanks for reminding me! :)

  2. I like them! CPK have the sweetest faces. I have one, and her hair "changes colors" with Ice and hot water. Is it just me (because I'm weird sometimes), or do CPK smell really, really good? xD

    1. Cool! They do! Sometimes I can't stand the smell but other times I'm like AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! xD


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