Thrift Store Wednesday!!!

Actually, today I didn't go to the thrift store, I went to Build-A-Bear!!! But my mom still picked something up for me! :)
Isn't it adorable? It's a bench that works for 18 inch doll!!!

Another pic...

And Abby sitting in it! (Abby's sitting in a very sloppy way, she can actually sit MUCH better)
And here's what I got at Build-A-Bear!!! It's a hot pink winter coat, and a shoulder bag that's a knitted pattern on the front, and faux suade for the rest of it!!!
It looks SO cute on!!! I love the puffiness of the coat and the cool style of the bag!!!
Hood up!!! I'm working on a post with all of my Build-A-Bears and items!
They were giving out free cookbooks and I got one!!! I made the chocolate chip cookies yesterday and they are SO good!!!
Ok, I think this was by mistake but Build-A-Bear just added new virtual furry friends that you can buy and when I got home I found this code in my shopping bag! It's for the virtual dog on there!

As soon as I can I am going to do a post on all of my Build-A-Bear stuff! Sorry this is so late!



  1. I used to have a Build-a-Bear but then kind of grew out of them. But I really want one again! Would you suggest them? I don't remember a lot about them... could you maybe do a little review? Only if you want, though :)

    1. I would totally suggest them! I also suggest that you join the free Stuff Fur Stuff club because you get all kinds of coupons! Just go to Build-A-Bear and ask an emploee about it! Of course I'll do a review! Who do you want? I have the Sweet Cuddles Teddy Pink, a retired blue and white bear that I got at the thrift store, the Endless Hearts Teddy, the Horse, and the Coral Beach Bunny! I can do as many reviews as you want!

  2. Really? I'll ask about it! The closest one to us is about 2 hours away, so I can't go there all the time. But I remember it being fun! Hmmm... oh, I love Horses! The Horse OK? :) You can do whatever you prefer, though. Oh, and this is random, but I ordered a Create-a-Doll! :D

    1. OK, I'll do your Create-A-Doll now then I'll start writing my review! The wonderfulness of breaks...


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