Updates and Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Belated Halloween!!! I wanted to share with you some of the wonderful posts coming soon!
1. Guest posts by my dolls!
2. A Halloween photo story!
3.  Just a lot of photo stories!
4. A Meet The Dolls page! (I'm making it right after this post)
5. An About Me page! (I'm making it right after this post)
6. A tour of my dollhouse (the one with 5 inch dolls)!
7. A lot of crafts for dolls!
8. Guess It and Caption That Picture
9. Reviews of Springfield Abby or Look Around Crissy (tell me if you want these in the comments)!
10. What do you want to see? Please comment (I don't bite) and tell me what you want to see!

Random fact: Here in Ontario the weather is really humid and rainy and (this is weird) their hair is acting really GOOD!!!  Like Crissy's hair was kind of dry and now it suddenly changed to silky and soft! And Abby's and Crystal's hair was a bit less poufy and frizzy!!!

Thanks to Jordy, Jessie, and Shauna for following! Grab your award!

Halloween costumes: Abby is a black cat, Crissy is a fortune teller, and Crystal is a princess! Abby's costume was made by me out of a pair of children's tights, my mom crocheted her mittens, and I made her ears! Crissy's costume was made out of a doll shirt I already had (that my mom made), the skirt and shawl were made by my mom out of a piece of fabric from a yard sale, the head thingy was just a handkerchief, and I made her jewelry! Crystal's dress was made by my mom, I made the tiara, and the necklace is from the Springfield jewelry set!

Guess what? This post is........................... My 50th blog post!!!!! Yay! I'm so happy that I got this far!!!
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Hope you enjoyed this!


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