Caption That Doll Photo #2

UPDATED!!! I forgot to say that Victoria is peach nightgown gold hair, Jennifer is pink tank nightgown red hair, and Pearl Blaire is pink longsleeve nightgown nightcap! Just in case if you didn't read my Cabbage Patch Kid post but I think most of you did! :)

First off, Nina won the last Caption That Doll Picture because nobody else entered but Nina, your caption made me laugh so hard!!!

Crystal: Crissy, wake up! We have to go to school!
Crissy's still snoring.
Crissy: I'm awake!!!
Thanks so much Nina I love your caption please grab your award!!!
Everybody caption this picture! It can be as silly or creative as you want, just PLEASE ENTER!!!!!!



  1. OMG!!! Thank you soooooooooo much Dollygirl!

  2. Jennifer: What are you doing?
    Pearl Blaire: Making you into our doll.
    Victoria: Now, where do you keep your clothes?

    1. Hehehe! Please spread the word about this because nobody except you entered my last one :( I do love this one and your other one though, your so funny! :)

  3. Jennifer: Um, guys, this is kind of weird
    Pearl Blaire: Victoria, isn't this the best hanger we've ever had?
    Victoria: I agree with you
    Jennifer: Um, guys, I'm not a hanger!
    Pearl Blaire: Did you hear something? I think it's raining!
    Victoria: Let's go play outside
    They run outside. Later they come back in with muddy coats
    Jennifer: Don't you dare put these on me!
    Victoria hangs both of the jackets.
    Jennifer shakes off the jackets: Stop it! Stop! Ugh!
    Pearl Blaire: That's what you get for telling everyone our secrets!
    Victoria: Uh hu!

    Sorry so long, hope you like it!

    1. Heeheehee! I love it! I'll post the winner when I get 3 or 4 entries.

  4. I'll enter (at first I couldn't find it, and that's why I didn't enter before!), but who's who? :)

    1. Jennifer is in the middle and she's wearing a pink tank nightgown and she has red hair in braids. Pearl Blaire is the one on the right wearing the long-sleeve pink nightgown and she has a night-cap on. Victoria is on the left and she is wearing a peach colored nightgown and she has long golden hair.

  5. Ok, thank you!

    Victoria: Come on, Pearl Blaire, let's use her as a playset!
    Jennifer: I'm really not to hip on that.
    Pearl Blaire: Oh, whatever Jennifer! Come on, it will be fun!
    *Both girls put pillows on Jennifer's hands and make her stand stiff*
    Victoria: Let's use her hands as punching bags! The pillows will protect her!
    Jennifer: Um, uh...
    Pearl Blaire: Hehehe! Oh! Oh! Oh! Let's climb up on her arms and then jump off!
    Both: WEEEEEEEE!!! This is so much fun!
    Jennifer: Um, no. This is humiliating.


    1. LOL! I love it! Could you spread the word? I decided I want to get 5 entries.

  6. Yeah! I'll do my best! I don't have a blog but I'll try to spread the word on other blogs! :)

  7. I also spread the word. So far no one but you, Dollygirl has made a caption for my picture! Please anyone who sees this, click on my name, scroll down to the bottom (there is a photo story and a caption that picture) and write your caption. You will receive an award!
    I can't wait to see who will win this one!

    1. As soon as I get 5 entries I will post the winner!


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