Happy 20th Birthday Miley Cyrus!!!

Thanks to Del for reminding me that today is Miley Cyrus's 20th birthday!!! You can read my post from last year here, I don't actually like Miley Cyrus except for the song Butterfly Fly Away (it almost makes me cry xD) but I do like some Hannah Montana songs like Nobodys Perfect and You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home! 
LOL, she looks so funny in this picture! xD

And a picture of her as Miley!

So yeah, happy b-day Miley!



  1. I used to ADORE Miley and Hannah! I mean like, totally love. I just wish that Miley didn't go down the path she's gone... anyway, I LOVE Butterfly Fly Away, and I really like You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home, to!

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean, she's too weird now... I CRY when I hear Butterfly Fly Away but I still love it. :)


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