What I Think of Addy Walker!!!

Hey! Today I'm doing Addy Walker!!! Thanks so much to Court for requesting her! (Note: All pictures from AG Playthings)
From AG:


Addy Walker®

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1864

An inspirational side of the Civil War era comes to life in the courageous story of Addy Walker. Along with her mother, Addy is escaping slavery to find her father and brother, who’ve been sold away. Once Addy arrives in Philadelphia, she hopes that her family will be together again soon—and discovers that freedom isn’t always fair.

I love Addy! She's just so pretty! I just wish her earrings would come out, I am in love with that dress though!!!

I love the bonnet, kerchief, water gourd, half-dime, and shell necklace!!!

I love how AG made this dress!!! Last year I had to read the Addy series for school (lucky me! It was the right time era and I'm homeschooled) and I LOVED it!!! I love how this dress is in the stories and they made it EXACTLY like it was!

 I love this!!! I love how she even has the L-O-V-E letters just like her mother made her in the book!
Addy's collection is probably one of my favorite collections because it's so true to the story! I love this desk because it had an important meaning in the story because (SPOILER ALERT) it's a double desk and in the story she has to sit with that snob Harriet (SPOILER ALERT OVER)

I love the abacus! I also love how far they went into detail with this even to the point of the yarn binding on the double slate because they had that so the slate wouldn't scrape against the desk and disturb the desk partner!

 This dress is one of my favorite pieces because in the book she (SPOILER ALERT) gets it as a Christmas present from the owner of the shop were her mother works because it didn't fit the spoiled little brat it was made for so she cut it down so it would fit Addy! (SPOILER ALERT OVER)
Ida Bean is soooooooo cute! I love how she has little earrings just like Addy and I love the print of her dress!!!
AWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I LOVE the oil lamp! I also really like the apron she's embroidering!

Meh, I don't really like this set. Like, think about it, when it was around it was $16. I wouldn't want to pay $16 for a plastic bowl with plastic unmoveable plastic sweet potato pudding and a spoon inside. Or a frying pan with sweet potato pudding inside.

I LOVE this outfit! I just really love the pattern! And the headband is adorable too!

AWWWW!!! This set looks so realistic!

I don't know why there's a raised circle in the middle! LOL! xD

I <3 this set! I really like little cutlery!

I love the pie with the "big scoop of Poppa's homemade ice cream" on it! The pie scoop and lantern are adorable too!

I love this! You could also use it for Samantha, because she used an ice cream freezer!

I LOVE THIS SET!!! I especially love the pie!

I love the pattern on this dress! And the straw hat is adorable too!

I love these! They look so realistic! And it's awesome how you can actually lace them up! 
AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! This looks SO real! I love how the hoe actually looks kind of dirty xD And the watering can and vegatables are beyond cute!

I love how this is so true to the book, with the theater, spool whistle, backgrounds, and puppets!

SO cute! I love how realistic they made Addy's collection!

I love this! I love the mittens, hat, and legwarmers!

When I first saw this I thought I was a cookie tray, but it's actually a game called mancala, a game with tiny beans for markers! I love the myriorama puzzle which is a puzzle that when you switch the pieces around you get different scenes!

xD I thought this was a hat box, but it's actually something called a bandbox which is a wooden case covered in wallpaper and lined with newspaper!

I love it! That would be fun to have, I love how it has a little bell at the front which would jingle when they rode it!

Wow! I feel sorry for Addy having to get into the crinoline, chemise, and petticoat every morning!

I love this! It looks so cool with the ropes that you can actually see! 

OH WOW. That is one of the most detailed pieces I have ever seen from AG!!!

I love the pitcher and bowl! Apperently the book is something called "Mother Goose in Hieroglyphics" and they were lots of fun back then!

Meh, I like it but it's nothing special.

I love it! It looks just kind of soft and flowy...

I love how it's called a "heartwarmer" because it's like a shawl and it warms your heart! The socks are cute too!

I love how it looks so sturdy! It just looks so realistic!

It's always nice to be able to buy more historical shoes for your dolls, and it would be fun to have extra socks too! xD 

It's nice to have ribbons, but you can honestly just cut them yourself. Yup, you can, it doesn't have to be AG brand.

This was Addy's dress that she wore for washing dishes and stuff! I love the apron and the clothespins too! 
Well, this isn't really needed because of the shoes and socks set but they're cute anyway!

I love the bright red on Addy! She looks so bright and pretty in this dress and sash!

 Heeheeheehee, that's kind of funny that she has a stilting set! I love how it says "When Sam (her brother)saw her practicing he named her Addy “stilt” Walker!", the dress is gorgeous though!
I love how pretty Addy looks in reds and oranges, and this dress has such a pretty pattern!

I love this dress! Addy looks simply GORGEOUS in it! I just love the soft light pink with the sharp black lines!

 This is so pretty! I love the pleats in the dress and the polkadot kite!
This dress looks exactly the same as the one above! Only it's blue! I actually like this one better, I think Addy just looks better in blue then purple, and I love the flowers! 

 Ok, honestly AG, what does this have to do with Addy? Addy never wore anything like this in the books and I don't even think it looks that good on Addy, like I kind of like it, but in the books Addy would have never even had time for something like this! She would be wearing her workdress and doing laundry! 
I love Addy in purple! I really love the puffed sleeves and polkadots on this too! I also love the hat!

I love this dress and I love the apron! I also really like her shoes and the big pink bow in her hair!

Overall I give Addy an A!!! I would give her an A+ but that African Dance Outfit of Today took a point off, she came very close to A+ though!!!

Next up: Kanani!


  1. I love Addy! She's so pretty! I've always wanted to feel her hair. It seems really cool! You're right about that one outfit. It doesn't look "Addy", and not even from her time era. Oh well, they did good on all the other stuff! :) Love the review!

    1. Me too! I know, but I love how much they took her stories into consideration. Thanks!

  2. wow i never knew Addy had so much stuff! awesome post, are you sure that weird dress thingy was an Addy outfit it seems so strange to put that in with all the other stuff

    1. Me neither! Actually, I found it on AG Playthings and the description was like "Addy would love to see girls dancing to African beats." Um, I think if Addy saw that outfit she'd be like what the heck!

  3. Didn't AG retire most of her stuff, because I did not reconize half the outfits.

  4. This is awesome! Thanks for posting this Dollygirl! I LOVE Addy's time period (say hello to the history nerd :P) and i=her collection is so special!

  5. I think they retired alot of her stuff because she is an African-American doll. Sadly, blonde hair-blue eyes always seem to be the biggest sellers, while the darker skin dolls seem to be pushed aside. Take Addy, Kaya, and Cecile for example. They all have darker skin, and they just aren't selling well. It's sad, to me, because I think those dolls are beautiful. But girls just want blonde hair. I really think AG should give those dolls bigger collections, don't you? :)

    1. Probably but it might be because her stuff got sold out?!!????


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