The Daily Doll - Springfield Abby

Hi guys! It's time for...

...The Daily Doll!!!!!!!!!

Today's Daily Doll is Abigail Treasure (I can't give my real last name, and Abby's is the same is mine, so we'll say it's Treasure)!!!

The Basics On Abby:

Size: 18 inches
Body type: Jointed soft body
Hair: Long blond hair with bangs
Eyes: Blue 
Face: Dark eyebrows (I have no idea why, but I like them!), and light pink lips! It looks like an AG doll face!
Fits into: Pretty much any 18 inch doll clothes
Price: $21.99 on the website, but mine was like $31 at Michaels, except I used a coupon!
Where to buy: The Springfield website, AC Moore, Jo-Anns, Michaels, Craftime Ltd., Sunshine Discount Crafts, Annie's Attic, and Home Sew Inc.!!!
Recommended for: Hmmm...well, they don't have the best quality hair, so I'd say 8 and up.

Don't you just LOVE photogenic dolls? 

Yeah, this is her hair. :( It used to be worse, then I put Downy on it and it got much better!

Abby is GORGEOUS! If your thinking about buying her, there are tons of Springfield hair care videos out there!

These are the Springfield White Espadrilles! I recommend them more for AG's though, as you can see the ankle strap is really loose, it fits perfectly on Kit though!

(Excuse my hand xD) Here are her hands, as you can see one is sort-of like an AG hand, while the other has a finger bent. I find this a lot on fun! She can hold things way better then AG's can! Also one thing to note is the she (her cloth body and her plastic) is much skinnier then AG dolls! She can still fit their clothes, but her clothes are fairly tight on AG's.

I LOVE ABBY!!! <3 <3 <3

Let's go rock climbing!!!

I did it! Yay! 

Abby is my favorite Springfield doll! If Springfield's go on sale at Michaels, or if I get a like 70% off coupon, I'll probably get either Emma (she looks a ton like me), Maria, or Olivia!


  1. She's awesome! I love Springfield!

  2. I love her!!! Sorry I have not been commenting!!! :( I was camping this week and had no internet connection! :( But I am back!!!

  3. They do have VERY bad condition hair! When I got Carolina (Emma) a glob of her hair came out! :(

    1. Yeah, try putting Downy fabric softener mixed with water on it and then putting it in two braids!

    2. Now I know why they are so cheap! Lol! But still worth the $$!

    3. Ha! I do really love Abby though, they are worth the money!

    4. Me too! I love love Carolina(Emma)!

  4. Hey Dollygirl,

    If you sent Abby to my doll mom, Sharry, she could give her a Downy press! (It wouldn't come out perfectly straight, but better than this!)

    1. Hi Julie! Thanks so much for the offer, but Dollygirl says that it would cost to much to ship me to her. Thanks again!

  5. Love the shoes! Does Springfield ship to Australia? I might buy some for Melody! Are they good quality?

    1. I'm not sure! They're adorable, and really good quality, but if you do decide to buy them, don't worry if when you get them they look kind-of deformed in the package, they spring right up when you put them on your doll!!!


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