Poem A Day April 23!!!

Hi! Here's the poem:


Radios here, radios there, radios everywhere even in the lair!
They're taking over the house, they scared away the mouse!
These radios are pretty, they really belong in the city!
But I couldn't do without them, they're like a flower on my stem.
My dad likes to fix things, especially if they ring or ting!
The radios are his best work, they'd make you sit up with quite a jerk!

My dad's job is fixing up antique radios and clocks! Here's his radio website: CLICK ME!!!
You should look at some of his photos, he's really good!


  1. Cool Poem! You can write poems really good! For the Sunday Dollpaper, you can make up an event that happened with your dolls! Please get back to me on that, tanks!

  2. Hi! I Love you poem!

  3. Hi! Are you still doing doll posts with the poems?


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