Photostory: Up In The Attic!!!

Hi! Here's the photostory I promised!

Up In The Attic!!!

One day, Kit had a great idea!
Kit: Hey girls, lets go explore the attic!
Crissy: Um...well, I'm not so sure that's such a good idea.
Crystal: I think it's a great idea!
Abby: Yeah! 
Kit: Why don't you want to Crissy?
Crissy: Cause there's spiders up there! And there might even be...
Abby: What?
Crissy: GHOSTS!
Crystal: Don't be silly, there's no such thing!

So up they went to the attic!

Kit: Look at this place! It's awesome!
Crissy: Um...guys?
Crystal: Hey, where's Abby?
Crissy: Guys?
Kit: I don't know, she must have gone exploring on her own.
Crissy: GUYS!
Kit and Crystal: WHAT?


Kit: Crissy, it's just a little spider, it can't hurt you!
Crissy: Well it's scary!
Crystal: It's a ghost!

Abby: Ha! You guys are such scaredy-cats! Check out this outfit I found!

Kit: ABBY!
Crissy: You meanie! You scared me half to death!
Crystal: Come on guys, it was just a practical joke. I didn't think it was a real ghost!
Abby: Yes you did! You said "It's a ghost!"
Crystal: did scare me just a little bit I guess...

Abby: Well anyway, I gotta go change out of this! I don't want it to get all dusty while I'm exploring!

Abby: Hey guys! Look at this dress!
Kit: Wow! 
Crystal: That looks so nice!
Crissy: Yeah!

Abby: Thanks guys!

Kit: Come on Abby, help me get this quilt off this trunk!
Abby: Ok! I wonder what treasures are inside the trunk!

Crissy: Wow! What a gorgeous quilt! I'm going to keep it!

Crystal: You guys are crazy, there's no treasure in that old trunk. Probably just some beat-up clothes. You should come look at these old books!

Kit: WHOA!

Kit: Well, let's try them on!

Abby: Look at this fur collar!
Crissy: Oh, find me something, Kit!
Kit: I'm looking!

Crissy: Ooh!
Kit: That'll look nice on you Crissy!

Abby: Hahaha, I feel like someone from Little House On The Prairie!
Crissy: Me too!
Kit: Ooh! Look!

Kit: What a pretty dress!

Kit: I think it would fit you Crissy!

Crissy: Wow! I love it! I'll go try it on!

Kit: OH! Abby come look!!!

Kit and Abby: MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crissy: Hey guys, look! What's with all the yelling?

Abby: There's money in the trunk! 
Crissy: Oh my goodness! With all these beautiful clothes and the money we can live like queens!
Kit: I can't believe our good fortune!
Crystal: Guys, this is amazing, but I think we should share our good fortune! Let's keep the clothes and donate the money!
All: YES! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you guys liked this! Nobody steal my pictures!


  1. I mentioned you at my blog! :)

  2. That must have taken a while to set up! Great job!

  3. Your readers might like to know that the basket of clothes belonged to your great-great-aunt. She used those clothes (made some of them too!) with her dolls, over a hundred years ago. (Dollygirl's Mom)


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