Doll Swing!!!

Hey! My dad and me made a doll swing!!!

Isn't it cute?

Here's how you put it together:

Step 1. Get a piece of wood the where about two dolls could sit on it
Step 2. Spray paint it
Step 3. Have an adult drill two holes in each end
Step 4. String some twine through and tie them in two knots at the top, so you have two loops
Step 5. Hang it on a tree
Step 6. Strap your doll on with rubber bands
Tell me if you make it! Or if you need a tutorial post with pictures showing you how to put it together!

Here it is from the back! My mom made the top and shorts, I made the head-kerchief, and the shoes are from Springfield! 

I love it! Thanks Dad!!!!!!!!!

Dollygirl (my signature should be coming soon)


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