Hey! I'm sick, so there wasn't any poem yesterday, but I'll post today's later. Also I didn't go to the thrift shop yesterday. :(


  1. AW! Pore dollygirl! Could you do me a favor? I changed my blogs url to and so I was wondering if you could post that on here. Because people can't go to my posts and look at the new name. I understand if you don't want to :D I hope you get better!

    1. Sure! You need to do a new post, just a little "Hello there!" thing so that your old followers will be able to go to the new blog! But I will do it! Thanks!

  2. Same! :( I stayed home today and I will probably stay home tomorrow

  3. You are? is it the stomachs flu? I had it for 3 weeks.... Bad! Hope you feel better!


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